Sunday, November 13, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Arizona on my Mind

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 • Arizona on my Mind Clarice Feldman
 • Officials: Potential fraud in Maricopa 2020 vote Paul Bedard
 • How Did Maggie Hassan Get 1100 Votes in NH Town Of Under 700 People? GraniteGrok
 • The midterm elections were not about abortion. Cube
 • The battle over a 100% hand count in Arizona pulls back the mask Jazz Shaw
 • The mystery of the disappearing white powder at Kari Lake's campaign office Jazz Shaw
 • With This Obstacle in Place, Republicans Can't Get the White House Fletch Daniels
 • Mollie Hemingway Explains How Republicans Must Adapt To New Voting Practices RCP
 • Video: Man who invaded Ohio day care during police chase has decade-long criminal record Fox


 • With Elections Over U.S. Multinationals Begin Announcing Job Cuts CTH
 • US Needs Afghanistan Watchdog, Experts Say, After Biden Admin Obstructs Accountability Efforts DC
 • China Plans Sweeping Rescue Policies to Avert Property Crisis Bloomterd

Scandal Central

 • Cascading Trouble for FTX Crypto Exchange Leads to Inquiries of Campaign Donations to Democrats and Regulators CTH
 • FTX founder holed-up with co-founder and chief technology officer in luxurious Bahamas resort CTH
 • Biden CBP chief: Okay, fine. I quit Jazz Shaw


 • Illinois Professor Publishes Racist Attacks Against Herschel Walker With No Outcry from Faculty or Media Turley
 • When you've lost Scott Adams... Jazz Shaw
 • 6 Killed After Vintage Aircraft Collide at Dallas Air Show


 • Biden Wants Talks While China's Xi Prepares for War Gordon G. Chang
 • Several feared dead as explosion rips through Istanbul shopping street DailyMail
 • Israel haters lying with statistics, part 1: Arrest statistics Elder of Ziyon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • The Dirty Secrets inside the Black Box Climate Models WUWT
 • New Data Emerges Of 1,100+ Adolescent ‘Gender Affirming’ Mastectomies Christina Buttons
 • Why green energy is not green at all Viv Forbes


 • Man Who Lived In Paris Airport for 18 Years Dies In Paris Airport NBC-NY
 • Red Tide If By Day, Blue Tide If By Night MOTUS
 • Ordinary Heroes Come Out of the Rain American Digest


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Mechanics of the STEAL, in Arizona.

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Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL (Video)