Sunday, November 27, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Bidenomics: 41% of small businesses can't pay rent this month, report warns

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 • Bidenomics: 41% of small businesses can't pay rent this month, report warns JTN
 • Zelenskyy Asks for Another $55 Billion to Pay for Expenses, Salaries, and Infrastructure CTH
 • Biden Says He Wants to 'Get Rid' of 20 Million 'Assault Rifles' Rick Moran
 • History Of The Democrats And The KKK.....(Why the Democrats started the KKK) Irish Mike
 • Who Is in the Best Position to Restore American Greatness in 2024? Stephen B. Presser
 • Berkeley develops Jewish-free zones JC
 • Elon Musk-eteer Clarice Feldman
 • Lee Zeldin is the Republican Party's future Craig Angioletti
 • Neil Oliver asks “I Wonder What Would Happen If”… CTH


 • Why Gen Zers are setting a new record — for moving back in with their parents Post
 • The Consumer Economy Has Completely Collapsed – “It’s a Ghost Town” for Holiday Shopping CTH
 • Jonathan Turley Busts Advertisers Leaving Twitter Who Were Cool With Censorship Before Musk RS

Scandal Central

 • Biden eases sanctions on Venezuela. Yes, seriously Jazz Shaw
 • It Was Never About Ukraine Ted Snider
 • The Corrupt Democratic Spending Of FTX; The Investigations Of Hunter Biden CFP


 • Elon Musk exposed the EVIL truth of TikTok 🚩Here's why you need to delete it ASAP Crypto Tea
 • Why is Kanye West hanging out with this clown Nick Fuentes? NTB
 • Twitter liberals nervous about Elon Musk in direct messages Post


 • Evidence of the regime’s human rights violations against the Iranian people during the ongoing protests Heshmat Alavi
 • China Covid: Protesters openly urge Xi to resign over China Covid curbs BBC
 • Rare protests in China against government COVID curbs spread to Beijing, elsewhere TOI
 • Khamenei tells paramilitary group: ‘Each rioter, each terrorist, must be punished’ TOI
 • Tehran Dangles the Samson Option Again Amir Taheri
 • Millions of civilians left without power face bleak winter as temperatures in Ukraine plummet Daily Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Growing Body Of Evidence Shows ‘Social Influence’ Is Causing Teens To Undergo Sex Changes Laurel Duggan
 • Energy for Humanity Michael Shellenberger
 • Protests break out in China against COVID-19 lockdowns after deadly fire kills 10 Brady Knox


 • Nadal says 'a part of his life left' when Federer retired Al-Reuters
 • Here's What Happened After a Man Went Overboard on a Cruise Ship Rick Moran
 • Halloween Candy That Didn't Pass Q.A. - A Lampoon Investigative Report Lampoon

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