Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Top 20 Tweets Tonight: Fetterman? Simple. Only Party Identity and Power Matter

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Curated by BadBlue News, 24 x 7 uncensored news. Follow us on Twitter @directorblue.


MMinWA said...

You have to be insane to believe that across the nation, people who say they are dissatisfied by an overwhelming majority with crime, immigration and our nightmare economy voted to reelect tyrants in WA, MI, NY... and to elect proponents of policies that will allow these idiocies to continue.

I ain't buying it for 1 fucking second.

If it's not as plain as the nose on your face let me clarify the situation for you. TPTB have a method for tabulating votes so insidious that they can fine tune the results they want such that you're left saying, oh gee, it was close but we lost.

Oh MM you're an election denier and a nut. Really? In FL there were substantial changes made to their voting. No more massive mail in ballots sent out which included new ID requirements to get a ballot, restrictions on absentee ballots, limits on drop boxes, virtually eliminating ballot harvesting, no outsider donations to election boards and most importantly, easier access for poll watchers. Results? Republicans took Miami County because the dems couldn't steal it.

commoncents said...

J.D. Vance delivers victory speech after winning his senate race in Ohio Senate race - VIDEO