Thursday, November 10, 2022

PAPA B: Counting Votes in 1948

By Papa B

In 1948, I loved baseball and the Electoral College (a year later I discovered girls). Both were the reason I was selected for the Quiz Kids. In 1948, it was the famous Truman vs. Dewey election. I had made up a “spreadsheet” showing the results going back to 1860. On election eve, I stayed up to tabulate the results.

As I remember, the results were in by about 2:00 AM.

Understanding that the population was less than half of today’s, here we are 74 years later. We have all the technology, and yet we don’t know the results.

What a mess and what incompetence?

My Response to Papa B: "Not incompetence. Pure malevolence. Ballots now mean more than real voters. The GOP better adapt --- and fast."


commoncents said...

BREAKING: Federal judge strikes down Biden administration’s student-debt forgiveness plan

Veeshir said...

It's not incompetence, it's planned chaos.
That way, our betters can make sure the people win.

Anonymous said...

100% correct. And as long as Democrats control the process, the county go on until their side wins. Conservatives should have a little hope That those races that are still outstanding I’m going to go over our way.

Anonymous said...

It's not incompetence. It's targeting cheating. Notice how the "found" uncounted votes always benefit the Dems. And, yes, it's pure evil.

Anonymous said...

targeted (not targeting)