Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Tucker Carlson explains why the Democrats must rely on censorship to maintain political viability.

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 • Tucker: why the Democrats must rely on censorship to maintain political viability. D. Parker
 • How The Left Has Weaponized Our Legal System, Garland Worst AG Ever--Cruz LifeZette
 • We Need Covid Accountability, Not Amnesty QTR
 • Ilhan Omar’s Very Foreign Policy JW
 • Los Angeles and its county buy into insane Communist guaranteed income movement JTN
 • Why Lifelong Democrats in Oregon Say They’re Ready to Vote Red Leighton Woodhouse
 • Dozens on Terrorist Watchlist Among Record 2.4 Million Migrants Caught in FY 2022 JW
 • Fourteen injured in drive-by shooting in Chicago Shana Donahue
 • Nancy Pelosi's former neighbor questions why invasion triggered no warning Daily Mail
 • PA Supreme Court Releases Game Changing Ruling on Undated Mail Ballots Spencer Brown
 • More collateral damage from COVID policies David Strom
 • Even Greenpeace now admits the obvious: recycling doesn’t work. John Tierney


 • Back to the Carter economy David Strom
 • You'd Better Be Prepared for the Perfect Transportation Storm John Green
 • Math Denier: Politico Reporter Smears Efforts To Address America’s Ticking Fiscal Time Bomb Federalist

Scandal Central

 • How The Surveillance State And Big Tech Colluded To Make Twitter ‘Disinformation’ The New Terrorism Federalist
 • What should become of the FBI? Kevin Brock
 • Trump Organization Tax Fraud Trial Adjourns to Monday Over Covid Bloomterd


 • Democracy dies in editorial darkness: WaPo, NYT, CNN ignore DHS social-media censorship exposé Ed Morrissey
 • Jewish Leaders Condemn ‘Antisemitic’ New York Times Article for ‘Whitewashing’ a ‘Pogrom’ Tyler O'Neil
 • Despite what Zuckerberg thinks, the metaverse doesn’t need VR TNW


 • North Korea threatens South, US with ‘most horrible price in history’ TOI
 • Saudi Arabia shares intel with US on ‘imminent’ Iranian attack JNS
 • Iran: Islamic Republic security forces beat teen girl to death for tearing Khomeini’s photo JW

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • How we handled a recent phishing incident that targeted Dropbox Dropbox
 • World-first human brain cell map shows gene activity changes MedicalXpress
 • OpenSSL Releases Patch for 2 New High-Severity Vulnerabilities Ravie Lakshmanan


 • Notice “Country over Party” never means “over Democrats?” Peter Heck
 • A New York Judge Strikes A Mighty Blow For Election Integrity Against Corrupt State Government Bob Barr
 • It's Wednesday With Some Skipisms 1 Woodsterman

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