Friday, November 25, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden’s Not So Subtle Lurch Toward Dictatorship

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 • Biden’s Not So Subtle Lurch Toward Dictatorship Richard Stern
 • Americans Living under Communism Bruce Deitrick Price
 • Biden Plans to Advance Another Gun Control Bill During Lame-Duck Congress Eric Lendrum
 • Thankful for Sunlight CTH
 • What the GOP Can Do in a Divided Government Bruce Thornton
 • Chicago Receives More Migrants From Texas OAN
 • How Young Americans Unwittingly Voted to Ruin Their Lives Dennis Prager
 • After Maricopa County Voting Debacle, Arizona Must Reform Its Election Laws Peter Parisi
 • Is Congress Poised to Investigate Whitmer Fednapping Hoax? Julie Kelly


 • Cleaving Beginning? – Climate Change Policy Makes Europe Too Expensive for Low-Cost EV Manufacturing CTH
 • San Francisco to hand out $1,200 a month to transgender residents Ian Haworth
 • Biden Admin Quietly Greenlights Plan to Build Huge Gulf Oil Terminal NTD

Scandal Central

 • California Still Has More Than 250,000 Uncounted Ballots Ashe Schow
 • Jan 6 staffers turn on Liz Cheney John Sexton
 • Elon: Releasing Internal Discussions On Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is ‘Necessary To Restore Public Trust’ DC


 • Tucker Blasts Media For Not Reporting On Child Gender Reassignment Surgery Profits DC
 • Musk confirms Twitter censors only targeted conservatives JTN
 • Musk: Twitter Amnesty coming next week ... mostly Ed Morrissey


 • China Recovery Set Back by Record Covid Outbreak as Lockdowns Spread WSJ
 • Protests Are Spreading In China As Backlash Grows To The Communist Nation’s Lockdowns: Report Ryan Saavedra
 • Manhunt continues for Jerusalem bomb attack suspects; police on high alert in city TOI


 • President Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation: “Observe a Day to Praise the Father” LifeNews
 • Happy Thanksgiving CTH
 • Today's Safety Tip.... Taught Then Tested... Feral Irishman

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