Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Competence, Not Chaos

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 • Competence, Not Chaos Fred Bauer
 • Democrats, Voter Fraud, and Harpo Marx Allan Ryskind
 • More School Board craziness David Strom
 • This Wasn’t an Election Dan Gelernter
 • Post: Kari Lake's war room is considering what to do next John Sexton
 • Conservatives Split on Future of Mail-In Voting, Ballot Harvesting Fred Lucas
 • US Prosecutors Focusing On Dem Donor’s Crypto Firm After Historic Collapse DC
 • Now Is The Time To Boot Failed GOP Leaders, Not Bicker About Trump Vs. DeSantis Federalist
 • Dave Chappelle and normalizing black antisemitism Jonathan S. Tobin


 • The Big Club Is Openly Reassembling CTH
 • Rail strike threat escalates as third union rejects deal FoxBiz
 • NYC migrant crisis will cost city $600M every year, watchdog says Fox

Scandal Central

 • Maricopa County Election Judge Speaks Out Tracy Beanz
 • The $32 Billion Crypto Scammer Michael W. Green
 • Democrats 2022 campaigns funded by kickbacks from Ukraine funding using FTX as the pass-through PM


 • Media Call Arizona Governor Race for Democrat Katie Hobbs CTH
 • Horrible tragedy at UVA...and clean-up at WaPo, Aisle 3 Beege
 • Someone Tell Pence to Take His 2024 Delusions and Go Home PJM


 • Xi Jinping Proclaims China Is Strengthening Its Military to Prepare for 'Any War' Jarryd Jaeger
 • Biden Hands China’s Xi Propaganda Victory at G-20 Michael Cunningham
 • Iranian Parliament votes in favor of executing 15,000 women's rights protestors Karen Townsend

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Moderna and Pfizer will investigate whether their Covid vaccines cause long term health issues Daily Mail
 • The Washington DC UniParty Surfaces in FTX Crypto Exchange Political Contributions CTH
 • Google agrees to pay $392 million to settle location tracking investigation Emma Roth


 • Secret wonders: Book Hidden Places reveals little-visited gems from Scotland to the USA Daily Mail
 • What would happen if a nuclear bomb was used in Ukraine? DW
 • In Completely Unforeseeable Twist, January 6th 'Conspiracy Theory' Turns out to Be True RS

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