Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: “Shove It Down Their Throats”: Rep. Roy Goes Off on Inaction on Border Security

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 • “Shove It Down Their Throats”: Rep. Roy Goes Off on Inaction on Border Security FirstTV
 • Arizona AG Demands Maricopa Answer For Mixing Counted and Uncounted Ballots Federalist
 • Incoming House Committee Chairs Accuse TikTok of Lying to Congress NRO
 • Report: FBI Can Launch Pegasus Cell Phone Targeting Using Political “Special Counsel” CTH
 • The ‘Respect For Marriage Act’ Is An Exercise In Tyranny, And Everyone Knows It Federalist
 • After reelection, Gov. Whitmer pushes sweeping gun-control legislation Jenna Curren
 • At Border, McCarthy Calls On DHS Sec. Mayorkas To Resign Or Face Impeachment Tim Hains
 • Violent crime comes to Martha’s Vineyard. And guess why? Peter Barry Chowka
 • Report, Ronna McDaniel Pulls Ground Resources from Arizona Motivated by RNC Power Challenge CTH


 • Ok, Randi, since you decided to weigh in on foreign policy, let me educate you… Morgan Ortagus
 • Tax Filing Websites Have Been Sending Users’ Financial Information to Facebook TheMarkup
 • Oil-Shipping Costs Soar as Ukraine War Reshapes Global Trade WSJ

Scandal Central

 • Maricopa County’s Election Dysfunction Was More Widespread Than Officials Said, Memo Claims JTN
 • Republicans’ Hunter Biden Probe Is Legit Even If Biden Family Apologists Don’t Like It David Harsanyi
 • Supreme Court denies Donald Trump request to block release of tax returns to House panel John Fritze


 • Post-Election Announcements and Investigations Victor Davis Hanson
 • Joe Biden’s Abuse of Power Noah Rothman
 • Pushback: Court rules against college’s attempt to censor students Robert Zimmerman


 • How China Spies Anthony W. Holmes
 • Biden Turns Over American Sovereignty to China Daniel Greenfield
 • Intercepted: a Russian soldier's phone call JTN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Unredacted Fauci e-mails: a bad look David Strom
 • How many lives could have been saved by aggressive use of vitamin D alone? Daniel Horowitz
 • Scientific facts rarely appear at climate change conferences Jack Hellner


 • The worst movie endings ever David Caballero
 • Astronomy Picture of the Day NASA
 • This Wednesday is for Skipisms ~ 1 Woodsterman


commoncents said...

TWO YEARS LATE - Copy of Hunter Biden laptop data appears genuine, independent experts find - CBS News Video

Anonymous said...

Doug - Please post a report on the double bus bombing in Jerusalem.

Jason said...

Border Security: The lack of a barrier and restrictive policies on agent activities guarantees that everyone that gets to the border will get in, and DHS proactively dispersing people throughout the country is a violation of the mission to protect the integrity of the border. But the question I don't hear is who is funding and organizing this mass migration? I'll bet it is American taxpayer dollars, laundered through an NGO ostensibly to do development work.

commoncents said...

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