Monday, November 21, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The Untold Story Of Poll Worker Data, Chinese Servers – Only The FBI Knows The Truth

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 • Poll Worker Data, Chinese Servers and Secrets – Only The FBI Knows Mollie Hemingway
 • Why Donald Trump Must be Removed: The Political Surveillance of American Citizens CTH
 • ‘We [Will] Kill Some Rats’: NYC Mayor Signs Legislation Aiming To Quash Rat Takeover DC
 • AG Merrick Garland is the great pretender Michael Goodwin
 • ‘Teach Them To Hate’—The Georgia U.S. Senate Runoff Schwier
 • John Fetterman Is The New Normal Federalist
 • Strong-State Federalism Is The Best Path Forward Right Now For The GOP (And The Country) Federalist
 • The Core Battle Within the Republican Party CTH
 • McCarthy: Omar, Swalwell, and Schiff to Lose Committee Assignments Matt Margolis


 • Nuke Bizzle, rapper who stole pandemic money, says 'everybody around was doing it' Times
 • G20 Pushes Vaccine Passports For All Future International Travel ZH
 • 'Worst winter of our lives': Ukrainian capital prepares for cold and dark times ahead EuroNews

Scandal Central

 • Voters Aren’t Choosing Dems, Dems Are Choosing Voters Daniel Greenfield
 • Arizona attorney general wants report on voting machine problems Al-Reuters
 • Al Sharpton still raking it in and lining his pockets Jazz Shaw


 • There’s nothing nice about being woke, Meghan Zoe Strimple
 • The Mind-Bendingly Insane, Completely Craven, Utterly Unconscionable Redemption of Al Sharpton Tablet
 • 1619 Project Founder Harasses Asian-American Woman For Complaining About NYC Subway Attacks BPR


 • First Tel Aviv-Doha direct flight departs, carrying Israeli, Palestinian soccer fans TOi
 • Cuban prisoner dies after 56 days on hunger strike; another one attempts suicide Carlos Eire
 • ‘Playing with fire’ UN warns as team to inspect damage at Ukraine nuclear plant EUractiv

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Climate models suck...because of you David Strom
 • The Erasure of Women From Online Pregnancy Literature Quillette
 • Add Amoxicillin to the Things in Critically Short Supply Saga Jerry Wilson


 • Trump worse than Iran, Russia and Taliban. Really. David Strom
 • Thank You. My Pretties MOTUS
 • Grandma’s Birthday Serenade by Grandpa: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Jimmie Rodgers


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