Saturday, November 05, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden Brags About Shutting Down Coal Plants Even as MA Power Rates Jump 64%

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 • Biden Brags About Shutting Down Coal Plants Even as MA Power Rates Jump 64% CTH
 • Why Elites Like Greta Thunberg Hate Capitalism Shellenberger
 • NBC Deletes Report Totally Contradicting FBI Statement About Pelosi Attack CTH
 • Barack Obama inadvertently explains why democracy is dying under Democrats Jazz Shaw
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 • Top Dem Says US Could Become Nazi Germany If the GOP Wins Matt Vespa
 • The Blue City Murder Problem Heritage
 • Why New Yorkers From Both Parties Should Vote for Lee Zeldin Robert Cole
 • Reports: Trump Will Announce 2024 Campaign For President on November 14 Debra Heine


 • How You can Derail the Climate Agenda Denis de Bernardy
 • New High School Lessons Aim To Teach Students About The ‘Horrors Of Communism’ DC
 • Why suburban women are flocking to the GOP: As simple as A,B,C Glenn Reynolds

Scandal Central

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 • NBC Retracts Report That Exposed New Details in Pelosi-Attack Investigation NRO
 • Border Patrol Union Reminds Eric Holder of His True Legacy in Arizona Katie Pavlich


 • MSNBC Says if GOP Wins Children Could Be 'Arrested And Conceivably Killed Hannity
 • Joe Rogan Torches Karine Jean-Pierre For ‘Gaslighting’: ‘F***ing Everybody Hates You’ Daily Wire
 • Complaint Alleges NBC Reporter Yamiche Alcindor Is ‘Fraudulently Voting’ In Florida Tristan Justice


 • The Danger of a "Sleeping" Nuclear Deal: Stronger Russia, China, North Korea, Iran Gatestone
 • Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘Under Republicans, not another penny will go to Ukraine’ The Shill
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 • As New York Dems brace for 'stunning losses,' the blame game has already begun John Sexton
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commoncents said...

Tulsi Gabbard: This Is Why I Left The Democratic Party - Video

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Joe, How many windmills does it take to replace one coal power plant? I'll bet a whole bunch Slow Joe.

Thank you so much for many links to my blog. It's been noticed and very appreciated.