Saturday, November 12, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Republicans Need To Figure Out Mail-In Voting Now

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 • Republicans Need To Figure Out Mail-In Voting Roger Kimball
 • Julie Kelly takes insane mail-in ballot rules in various states apart Twitchy
 • Results of State Election Integrity Ballot Measures Are Mixed Bag Jarrett Stepman
 • Here's the Breakdown of the Remaining House Races and What We Need to Win Nick Arama
 • Imperialism Of The Apocalypse: Rich people are depriving poor people of cheap energy Shellenberger
 • Mark Levin eviscerates Liz Cheney's gushing promotion of Democrats days before the midterms Blaze
 • Larry Elder Analyzes Midterms, Biden’s Anti-Fossil Fuel Remarks OAN
 • When you have lost Winsome Sears... David Strom
 • AZ Senate Candidate Blake Masters Blasts Mitch McConnell for Lack of Support RS


 • A Cold Winter for Europe: Blame Strategic Blindness Burak Bekdil
 • C.H. Robinson lays off about 650 employees FreightWaves
 • UK faces blackouts, blistering costs and still has to pay wind farms £1b to do nothing JoNova

Scandal Central

 • 8 Big Biden-Related Investigations Likely From House’s New GOP Majority Fred Lucas
 • What's the matter with Arizona? Power Line
 • 6 Takeaways From House Freedom Caucus' COVID-19 'Accountability' Hearing Samantha Aschieris


 • It’s The Big Ugly, and We’re Here For It CTH
 • Weekly Clown World Update - Issue 1 Libs Of TikTok
 • Holy smokes! You've never met a "perk" 'til you've met a Meta perk Beege


 • Residents celebrate as Ukrainian army enters Kherson after Russian forces 'retreat' EuroNews
 • Putin poised to launch massive retaliatory airstrike during G20 summit, says Ukraine Express
 • IDF nabs wanted Islamic Jihad member in daylight raid near Jenin TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Former transgender child suing doctors who mutilated her for malpractice Julia Johnson
 • While jabbering in fierce defense of Trudeau’s “vaccine” mandate, Trudeau’s lawyer keels over Jim Quinn
 • A Tyrannosaurus rex skull could be yours. Here’s how much it will cost Heather Hamilton


 • Kari Lake Discusses Status of Arizona Governor Race as Maricopa Ballot Counting Issues Continue CTH
 • Life imitates the People's Cube: dead voters elect dead Democrats in office Cube
 • The Week in Pictures: Pink Ripple Edition Power Line

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