Saturday, October 30, 2004

Congressman Tancredo's visit to Beslan

Click here for Amazon!Did you know that Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) recently visited Beslan to deliver messages of support from his constituents (Columbine High School included)? Probably not, as the story was completely ignored by the mainstream media. His blog is heart-rending and describes exactly what we can expect from Islamic Extremists in this country: attacks on the innocent, even schoolchildren, anywhere, anytime. Even in a rural community in the middle of nowhere. Like Beslan.

...Sunday Afternoon – Hospital Visit in Moscow

Today was hard, tomorrow will be harder. Today we visited two hospitals in Moscow where many of the survivors were being treated after being triaged out of Beslan. Room after room is filled with children with their broken bodies and damaged minds. In every room there is a parent, aunt, brother or grandma keeping watch - waiting for the wounds to heal.

In every room there is a story of heartbreak. In the first visit we meet a 16 year old boy who lies in very serious condition. This young man had the courage to grab the gun of a terrorist who had been shot and proceeded to kill another terrorist who was shooting at fleeing children. He then placed his body over a small girl for protection from the onslaught of bullets and shrapnel meant for her.

In the next room, two sisters ages 8 and 10 lay in good spirits… It’s the 8 year olds birthday today, and my wife sings happy birthday to her in Russian. The little girl smiled, and lit up the room. Her aunt was sitting in the back of the room, and began to cry. I wish I could say the woman’s tears were for joy from the little girls smile. However they were tears because she knew of the pain yet awaiting both girls. They had lost both parents in the tragedy, but did not know it yet.

It became more difficult as we made the move from room to room to hear the stories of these children’s bravery, and got to know these survivors and their families personally. We met the mother of a 12 year old girl who lies quietly as she unfolded a piece of gauze to show the ball bearing that the doctors took out of her daughters’ lung. Apparently the terrorists had packed the bombs with ball bearings to add to the shrapnel’s effect...

Congressman Tom Tancredo: Visit to Beslan

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