Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'd like a Liberal to Defend this Behavior

Click here for AmazonFrustration and desperation. That's the only way I can explain the behavior we're seeing from the Left. With tactics borrowed from the National Socialist German Worker's Party circa 1930, there's no other explanation that comes to mind. How else could you explain multiple shootings at campaign offices, reports of rampant vandalism, "tongue-in-cheek" offers to pay for votes, ransacking of campaign offices, storming campaign offices in an effort to intimidate volunteers, stealing computer systems from campaign offices, even burning swastikas in GOP supporters' lawns.

That -- truly -- is today's Left in action.

Why not just declare another Kristallnacht and burn down the campaign offices, Lefties?

Well done, junior Nazis. These actions only serve to clarify and amplify the choice in next month's election. And when the Democratic party is sent to another series of resounding defeats -- losing more seats in the House, in the Senate and, of course, the Presidency -- then perhaps its leadership will reorganize around centrists that actually seem to care more about the United States than corrupt global organizations. Ed Koch, Zell Miller and a host of other disenfranchised Democrats are waiting.

There is no defense for this kind of behavior in America.


Rohan said...

Keep your faith in the left right, democrat republican, liberal conservative scam, and you'll never figure things out. There's not a bit of difference. Free yourself and learn your history.

Read about General Smedley Butler and the attempted coup set up in 1934. That wasn't a liberal plot.

Iran-Contra and the cocaine 80's was protected by John Kerry's fake committee in order to protect Reagan & Bush and keep Americans from waking up to the fact that the government is corrupt.

Savings & Loan scandal, the BCCI scandal, the ABScam many times does the government has to screw you before you say enough?


Anonymous said...

While I can agree that if you search through history, you will find members of every party that are corrupt, I believe Doug is refering to here and now. Along my route home from work, I have seen 3 Bush signs damaged, while the Kerry signs are left alone. The Left will stop at nothing, especially when the facts are against them.