Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Wrong Man

Click here for Amazon!Jay Carson, a spokesman for the Dean campaign, said: ''When it was popular to be a Massachusetts liberal, (John Kerry's) voting record was that. When it was popular to be for the Iraq war, he was for it. Now it's popular to be against it, and he's against it.''

Vice President Dick Cheney said: "(F)irst, they voted to commit the troops, to send them to war, John Edwards and John Kerry, then they came back and when the question was whether or not you provide them with the resources they needed--body armor, spare parts, ammunition--they voted against it. I couldn't figure out why that happened initially. And then I looked and figured out that what was happening was Howard Dean was making major progress in the Democratic primaries, running away with the primaries based on an anti-war record. So they, in effect, decided they would cast an anti-war vote and they voted against the troops. Now if they couldn't stand up to the pressures that Howard Dean represented, how can we expect them to stand up to Al Qaida?''

John Kerry's waffling on the war on terrorism is almost entirely based on politics. Quite frankly, that should scare the living hell out of anybody who cares about the safety and security of the American people. In an age when a failure in the war on terrorism may literally lead to nuclear bombs going off in American cities, can we afford to have a man in office whose first consideration is politics, not protecting our country?

If John Kerry had been in the Oval Office after 9/11, would he have had the guts to pass the Patriot Act over the objections of his base? Would he have allowed John Ashcroft to go after illegal aliens from terrorist sponsoring countries?

Vladimir Putin said: "I can confirm that after the events of September 11, 2001, and up to the military operation in Iraq, Russian special services and Russian intelligence several times received... information that... Saddam's regime [was] preparing terrorist acts on the territory of the United States and beyond its borders, at U.S. military and civilian locations.'

...Now think back to great American war leaders like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. Were they dovish flip-floppers who based their decisions around telling people what they wanted to hear or men who made decisions and tried to lead people towards what they believed was the right direction?

John Kerry: Wrong Man, Wrong Time, Wrong Message

Iran welcome's Kerry's proposal to give them nuclear fuel

Click here for Amazon!TEHRAN - Iran would welcome a proposal by U.S. presidential candidate Senator John Kerry’s running mate for a “great bargain” to solve the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program, a senior Iranian official said on Saturday.

Vice presidential candidate Senator John Edwards has said that Kerry, a Democrat, would be willing to supply Iran with nuclear fuel for power generation if Tehran abandons its own fuel-making capability - if Iran did not accept this offer, it would confirm Iran wanted to make an atom bomb.

Iran earlier rejected the proposal, saying it would be “irrational” for Iran to jeopardize what it says is its purely civilian nuclear program by relying on supplies from abroad.

But in an apparent policy shift, Hossein Mousavian, head of the foreign policy committee at Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said Iran would review the proposal.

"Iran welcomes any constructive proposal from any American candidate," Mousavian told Reuters in an interview. “We are willing to consider constructive proposals from Americans,” he added...

Tehran welcomes Kerry's nuclear proposal

Is the Jihad getting hot enough for you?

Click here for Amazon!An Iraqi man was arrested yesterday in Nashville after purchasing machine guns, hand grenades, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from an undercover FBI agent-with the stated intention of “going jihad" ...

Nashville, TN Jihad Watch

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