Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Questions John Edwards should have been asked, but wasn't

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- You have served only one term in the Senate and many in your state... would cite your poor voting attendance... You are currently running behind in your home state... Why should the people of the U.S. vote for you, if those in your home state don’t appear ready to do so?

- How do you think the attacks you and Senator Kerry, and your surrogates, have made on the President calling him a liar who misled the country into an "unnecessary war" (your exact words) help attract more countries to the coalitions in Afghanistan and Iraq?

- Why do you think it is that all polls show that an overwhelming majority of those in the armed forces support Bush-Cheney over Kerry-Edwards?

- When you declare things in Iraq and Afghanistan a mess, aren’t you, in effect, criticizing or at least belittling the job our troops are doing there? Why don’t you and Senator Kerry spend any time applauding the good things that America is doing in those countries? Do you not believe that our troops are doing some good things there?

Some questions for Senator Edwards

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