Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why active military favors President Bush 3-to-1, part 72

Click here for AmazonFormer New York City Police Commission Bernard Kerik --Police Commissioner on 9/11-- spent four months in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad. I interviewed him on the myth of the missing munitions today:

HH: "Have you been following this story?"

BK: "I have."

HH: "What's your reaction to this?"

BK: "I think it is a lot of the same that's been going on over the last month or so, some of the scare tactics, you know --social security, the draft, the personal attacks on Mary Cheney, on Laura Bush. I think this is a campaign where John Kerry is desperate. I think he is looking to say anything that will get him a vote, and he jumped right on these headlines yesterday by the New York Times, that there were 380 tons of weapons, of explosives missing, without realizing the facts You know...Keep in mind, and I know this broke last night, and it really hasn't got as much play as the Times' article yesterday, NBC had embedded reporters in with the 101rst airborne when they went into that camp the day after the fall of Baghdad.

The weapons were not there. John Kerry has been saying for the last year --depending on what day you talk to him-- he's been saying there were no weapons, Saddam was not a threat.

OK, well, yesterday he's screaming and yelling that Saddam was a threat with the weapons that are missing. Bottom line: There aren't any weapons or munitions missing that we didn't secure.

What John Kerry doesn't know or doesn't understand is that we seized more than 280,000 tons that were detonated already. We seized another 160,000 tons that are pending detonation. You know, Hugh, every day that I was in Iraq, every single day, for the four months I was there, every aftrenoon at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, there were massive explosions out by the international airport. It was the U.S. military blowing this stuff up. People have to realize that all of Iraq was a weapons cache. The whole country was saturated with explosives. And this is what President Bush meant when he talked about the threat. This was a part of that threat. We have been addressing the issue since we got there. The problem is that John Kerry just doesn't have a clue."

The other problem that Commissioner Keric didn't mention is that John Kerry instinctively trusts the U.N. bureaucracy at the I.A.E.A. to do its job better than the 101rst Airborne. No wonder the troops that are either serving in Iraq or have served there prefer George Bush by a three to one margin over John Kerry.

Hugh Hewitt: John Kerry trusts UN bureaucrats more than the 101st Airborne

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