Thursday, October 07, 2004

Duelfer Report: Saddam Bribed Jacques Chirac To Veto War

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In yet another revelation that the French conspired to undermine US and global security, the Duelfer report from the Iraq Survey Group provides evidence that Saddam Hussein had bribed the French to not just sit out the war but to actively undermine any attempts to enforce the UNSC resolutions against Iraq:

SADDAM HUSSEIN believed he could avoid the Iraq war with a bribery strategy targeting Jacques Chirac, the President of France, according to devastating documents released last night.

Memos from Iraqi intelligence officials, recovered by American and British inspectors, show the dictator was told as early as May 2002 that France - having been granted oil contracts - would veto any American plans for war.

The Scotsman also reports what the American media is blaring to the exclusion of everything else in the ISG final report: Iraq had no stockpiles of WMD. Most mainstream outlets are playing down the finding that Saddam fully intended on restarting his WMD programs as soon as sanctions were removed, making the entire exercise a waste of time:

Saddam was convinced that the UN sanctions - which stopped him acquiring weapons - were on the brink of collapse and he bankrolled several foreign activists who were campaigning for their abolition. He personally approved every one.

To keep America at bay, he focusing on Russia, France and China - three of the five UN Security Council members with the power to veto war. Politicians, journalists and diplomats were all given lavish gifts and oil-for-food vouchers.

Tariq Aziz, the former Iraqi deputy prime minister, told the ISG that the "primary motive for French co-operation" was to secure lucrative oil deals when UN sanctions were lifted. Total, the French oil giant, had been promised exploration rights.

Iraqi intelligence officials then "targeted a number of French individuals that Iraq thought had a close relationship to French President Chirac," it said, including two of his "counsellors" and spokesman for his re-election campaign.

The list of the bribed, if not coerced, is long and distinguished. ABC News published an early list of the major players, but the CIA has added a few eye-opening names...

...As I wrote earlier today, the evidence clearly shows that the UN has become hopelessly corrupt and the "global community" consists of a pack of bribed sell-outs who chose to feed their avarice rather than stand up to a madman. Had we allowed them to continue their efforts, sanctions would have been dropped and Saddam would be ramping up his WMD programs as I write this. Putting our national security in their hands is not just poor judgement, it's a recipe for suicide.

Duelfer Report: Saddam Bribed Jacques Chirac To Veto War

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