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More Debate Reaction

Click here for Amazon!The debates percolated in my brain overnight and I noted three key takeaways, all from the Kerry camp:

1) Kerry - no pre-emptive war: Kerry will not pre-emptively use force to protect the United States unless such action passes a 'global test'. What in the hell is a 'global test'? This statement, in and of itself, should disqualify Kerry from serving as CINC.

2) Kerry - unilateral disarmament: Kerry would unilaterally halt U.S. development of advanced weapons systems. This 'show of weakness' approach didn't work during the Cold War and it certainly won't work now. What in the hell is he thinking by promising to unilaterally disarm? This is a classic Neville Chamberlain approach that gets innocent people killed.

3) Kerry - provide nuclear fuel to the Iranians: Kerry would help Iran build their nuclear facilities by providing them with nuclear fuel in exchange for promises. What in the hell is he thinking? Shipping nuclear fuel to the world's greatest state sponsor of terror is just wrong-headed. It's catastrophically wrong.

I don't like John Kerry because John Kerry is going to get me killed.

Lies about Lies

Click here for Amazon!SEN. KERRY: "Well, I've never, ever used the harshest word [Ed: lied] as you just did." (Sen. John Kerry, First Presidential Debate, Miami, FL, 9/30/04)

BUT IN DECEMBER 2003, KERRY TOLD NEW HAMPSHIRE EDITORIAL BOARD BUSH "LIED" ABOUT REASON FOR GOING TO WAR IN IRAQ. "Kerry also told a New Hampshire newspaper editorial board Friday that Bush had 'lied' about his reasons for going to war in Iraq... Yesterday he said he did not plan to use the word again." (Patrick Healy, "Kerry Camp Lowers N.H. Expectations Behind In Polls, Senator Now Seeks Spot In 'Top Two,'" The Boston Globe, 12/8/03)

AND IN SEPTEMBER 2003, KERRY SAID BUSH ADMINISTRATION "LIED" AND "MISLED." "This administration has lied to us. They have misled us. And they have broken their promises to us." (Sen. John Kerry, Campaign Event, Claremont, NH, 9/20/03)

Who do you trust?

Click here for Amazon!John Bolton, the State Department's point man on proliferation... noted that it is technically possible for Iran to remain in compliance with the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, then suddenly renounce the NPT and "breakout" with its own bomb...

...Gary Milhollin of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control reduced the status quo to three lines: "You cannot verify a lie. You cannot successfully inspect a country that lies. You come to a dead end." ... the Irans and North Koreas of the world are assembling a bomb and the missiles to deliver it. Current "policy" won't stop them. What will?

The Bush administration filed its answer two Septembers ago with the National Security Strategy, a 31-page document whose most famous word was "preemption." It said, "In an age where the enemies of civilization openly and actively seek the world's most destructive technologies, the United States cannot remain idle while dangers gather."

Pre-emption... without a 'global test'

Think you can avoid the global war on terror?

Click here for Amazon!A man arrested by U.S. authorities in Iraq had a computer disk in his possession containing a public report downloaded from a U.S. Department of Education Web site on crisis planning in school districts, including San Diego Unified.

The man was described as an Iraqi national with connections to terrorism and the insurgency that is fighting U.S. forces in Iraq. Officials in San Diego said the man's intentions were unknown...

Terror surveillance on U.S. School Systems?

Another Kerry Fable

Click here for Amazon!Appearing on ABC's Good Morning America today, John Kerry offered yet another explanation for his trademark line "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it": it was late at night, and he was tired:

"It was a very inarticulate way of saying something and I had one of those moments late in the evening when I was tired in the primaries and didn't say something clearly. But it reflects the truth of the position, which is, I thought, to have the wealthiest people in America share the burden of paying for that war. It was a protest. Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted."

Just one problem: Kerry made the statement at noon. Maybe his watch was set on Paris time.

A problem telling it straight


Click for WTC Slide-Show

Iran in Turmoil

Click here for AmazonWhy the mullahs have their fingers crossed, hoping to be able to keep a lid on all this for another six weeks. From the SMCCDI, with thanks to Ali Dashti:

Deadly clashes rocked, today, Iran's main southern port of Bandar-Abbas located by the Hormoz Strait on the Persian Gulf.

Elite commandos of the Pasdaran Corp. entered in action in order to smash a popular protest initiated following the news of murders of three local fishermen by members of the regime's security forces. Rumors had stated that the fishermen were killed as they had refused to bribe the regime's agents.

Angry residents attacked several public buildings and the regime forces vehicles with pieces of stones and incendiary devices after that the militiamen started to shoot on the crowd. Several deaths and injured have been reported.

The situation is very tense and the accesses to the city-port and the port's facilities are under heavy military watch.

Bandar Abbas is the main commercial entry to Iran and its paralysis will plunge the country in an unprecedented chaos from which the Islamic regime won't survive.

Why six weeks? Consider this detail from Andrew2's report from Munich:

The Democratic representative, John McQueen, took the podium with the trademark shout-out from the movie Good morning Vietnam--"Good morning Munich!" He immediately went to work highlighting the Democratic view of the current administration. "The preservation of civil rights, dialogue with North Korea and Iran, and health care are all important to John Kerry".

JihadWatch: Deadly clashes rock Iran's main southern port

Iraq, the Bush Doctrine Test Case: 'You Support Terror, We Kick Your Ass'

Click here for AmazonI think liberals are as wrong as can be, and it’s easy to demonize those you disagree with. So I have taken to ascribing all liberal thinking to my best friend for 25 years. He’s a card-carrying liberal, but I love him like a brother. This helps me keep things in perspective - some people are wrong, but they are not necessarily evil. His heart is certainly bigger than most.

This exercise keeps me mostly sane - otherwise I’d be driving down the road flipping off Kerry-stickered cars ;-) Sometimes I really have a hard time believing the country is somewhat evenly divided when I look at Kerry. Of all of the disparaging things that are said about Bush, most of them apply to Kerry to a much higher degree.

* Lied about service in the ‘Nam era? check
* Inarticulate? check
* The pawn of someone close to him? check
* Can’t ever admit to being wrong, or take responsibility for things going wrong? check
* Misses the point on the War on Terror? check

I have some hope that a groundswell of sanity will return to the American electorate, and Bush will win 40+ states, thus repudiating Kerry’s current "Iraq is the wrong war" theme.

Iraq was exactly the RIGHT war to make the Bush Doctrine stick. Afghanistan was not - that war had to be done in answer to the 09/11 attack. Iraq was the test case that proves the reality of the Bush Doctrine; it is the generalization of the specific case of Afghanistan, and as such the Object Lesson. You DON’T necessarily have to attack us or be an IMMINENT threat. Just a growing threat and an internationally condemned lunatic who supports terrorists. That’s enough to get you your head handed to you courtesy of the US Marines.

Those who say that there are no links between 9/11 and Iraq are completely missing the point! The Bush Doctrine of Pre-Emptive Attack on Terror Sponsors is a turning point in history, and Iraq was the Test Case.

Americans must assert that this war was just, right, and even necessary. Even absent links to 9/11, or actual stockpiles of WMD (besides, those are not "non-existent", they are merely hidden in Syria).

Only if the US Electorate confirms and validates the Bush Doctrine will countries like Iran, North Korea, and even psuedo-allies such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan "get the message". We mean what we say - you support terror, we kick your ass.

Bush Doctrine

Links o' the Day

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Peter Brookes: An Iran/Israeli War

JihadWatch: US President says Islam has "declared undistinguishing and exterminating war...against all the rest of mankind". John Quincy Adams, that is.

The Corner: Kerry/Mexico... "If FDR had followed the Kerry plan, we wouldn’t be going after Japan so much as those pilots who were flying those planes over Pearl Harbor. I can almost hear Kerry circa 1944, 'it’s been three years and those pilots are all still at large!'"

"The presidents job is not to take an international poll. The president's job is to defend America."

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