Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hugh Hewitt's List

Click here for Amazon!I think fundamentally, this is going to be a race that is a choice, and I think what you see even in the Gallup poll, your poll, when you ask them on the important issues "Who do you trust more, who do you trust more to deal with Iraq?" the public trusts the president more; "Who do you trust more on the war on terror?" the public trusts the president more; even on the economy which has been a signature issue of the Kerry campaign, it is almost dead even. So I think still, fundamentally, this is a race where the public is going to decide who has better plans, better vision, on these issues. And right now, on two of the three biggest issues, we have an advantage, and on the other one it is basically tied.

I put the question to my callers: What is the choice on 11/2. here's a list of their responses:

Churchill v. Chamberlain
Reagan v. Carter
offense v. defense
advance v. retreat
resolve v. dithering
blunt talk v. nuance
England and Australia v. France and Germany
Allawi in power v. Saddam in power
leader v. talker
White House v. waffle house
tax cut v. tax hike
private sector growth v. public sector growth
cheeseburger v. escargot
honest humility v. prideful arrogance
"Let's roll" v. roll over
Thanksgiving in Baghdad v. Christmas Eve in Cambodia
September 12 v. September 10
Battle Hymn of the Republic v. Kumbaya
Pat Tillman v. Michael Moore
Brit Hume v. Chris Matthews
Osama running from us v. Osama coming at us
10 gallon stetson v. the magic hat
Saving Private Ryan v. Gigli
Laura v. Theresa
John Wayne v. Jane Fonda
Ray Lewis v. Jerry Lewis
Safety blitz v. Prevent defense
Global freedom v. Global test
"Blood, sweat, toil, and tears" v. "Peace in our time."
Lambeau Field v. Lambert Field
Old Glory v. white flag
road warrior v. road kill
Sun Tsu v. sun tan
The Great Santini v. Forrest Gump
Victory v. Vichy
Compass v. windsock
Fire power v. flower power
Baghdad '03 v. Dien Bien Phu '54
Monday Night Football v. Sex in the City
USS Missouri v. USS Minnow
Brett Favre v. Ryan Leaf
putting down insurrections v. botox injections
A man who kept his promises v. A kept man who promises
Axis of Evil v. nuisance
Tour de force v. Tour de France
Lawrence Taylor v. James Taylor
Crawford v. Martha's Vineyard
Shock and awe v. hem and haw
Semper Fi v. simpering

Hugh Hewitt's List

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