Saturday, April 26, 2008

Franken blasts his accountant

Scott at Powerline tackles ex-comedian Al Franken's run for the Senate:

...Over the past few weeks, with his failure to pay workers' compensation insurance in New York and his failure to pay corporate tax returns in California... [t]oday's Star Tribune reports that a new round of financial questions dogs Franken. Franken's campaign said Thursday that his accountant is trying to sort out whether he owes taxes in California.

"Al feels that because his name is at the top of the organization, he takes ultimate responsibility for everything that goes on," Barr said. "But if there's a mistake that's been made, he's pretty insistent that the accountant fix it. He's been pretty vocal with [the accountant] on this point."

Rumor has it that this photo depicts Franken calmly discussing the situation with his accountant.

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