Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There will be no questions allowed during the Planetary Emergency

Remember - the science is settled and there is no dispute that anthropogenic global warming is real.

That's why it's standard practice for Al Gore to ban the press during his (very expensive) appearances.

Gore, who reportedly receives $100,000 for personal appearances, apparently has a standard contract that bans the fourth estate from all of his speeches. No one seems to know why, and we can’t ask — on account of we’re out here, and he’s in there.

The Smoking Gun has Gore's standard contract. Terms include:

* No press, no questions, no statements, no interviews
* No photographs (perhaps they make Gore's ass look fat)
* No recording (audio or video) of Gore
* An Apple MacBook Pro must be provided for his presentation.

Brother, can you spare a carbon offset?

Hat tip: Vanderleun.

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