Monday, April 14, 2008

Larwyn's Link Explosion: Clintons can't agree on anything!

Lee Cary at American Thinker asks Norman Hsu Who?:

The list of benefactors from Hsu's fund-raising slash Ponzi scheme turned out to be a Who's Who among Democrat luminaries. The top three names suggest that Hsu was betting on a rollout of influence coming from a Clinton victory next November. As was widely reported, she received $850,000 in donations. As was not widely reported, nor recently noted when he became Client #9, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer received $72,600. He was the third highest recipient of Hsu money.

The second highest might have been the man that a Governor Spitzer would have appointed to complete a President Hillary Clinton's unexpired Senate term - New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, $86,600. And, oh, Fiona Ma, the California Assemblywomen who arranged for Raymond Chow to receive a "Certificate of Honor" from the City of San Francisco, also received Hsu & Associates money, $27,600 ($9,600 from Norm himself). Pure coincidence, surely. (When Senator Feinstein retires from the Senate might Ms. Ma run for her seat?)

Thomas Sowell outlines the message Republicans must take to the Black community:

The teachers' unions are just one of the sacred cow constituencies of the Democratic Party whose agendas are very harmful to blacks... Black voters also need to be told about the tens of thousands of blacks who have been forced out of a number of liberal Democratic California counties by skyrocketing housing prices, brought on by Democratic environmentalists' severe restrictions on the building of homes or apartments.

The black population of San Francisco, for example, has been cut in half since 1970-- and San Francisco is the very model of a community of liberal Democrats, including green zealots who are heedless of the consequences of their actions on others.

Then there are the effects of tort lawyers in raising prices, liberal judges turning criminals loose and other influential Democratic Party constituencies whose effects on blacks are strictly negative...

Anthony Cordesman's Nuclear Wake-Up Call:

Based on the best current knowledge of the Israeli and Iranian nuclear arsenals in the years after 2010, Cordesman concludes that a nuclear war between them would kill up to 800,000 Israelis and up to 28 million Iranians. Israel might just be able to recover as an organized society, but Iran would not.

...But Cordesman adds that Israel would need to keep a reserve strike capability to ensure no other power can capitalize on Iran's strike.?This means Israel would have to target key Arab neighbors, and in particular Syria and Egypt. Were this escalation to take place, up to 18 million Syrians and tens of millions of Egyptians could also die.

The Cordesman report goes on to list the oil wells, refineries and ports along the Gulf that could also be targets in the event of a mass nuclear response by an Israel convinced that it was being dealt a potentially mortal blow. Such a nuclear exchange might not be Armageddon for the human race; it would certainly be Armageddon for the global economy.

• Gateway Pundit notes there is a fine line between genius and insanity -- and that line is the split between husband and wife Clinton.

Hillary Clinton said she opposed the Dubai Ports deal... -- Her husband was getting paid tens of thousands of dollars to support it.

Hillary Clinton said she opposed Colombian free trade agreement. -- Her husband was getting paid tens of thousands of dollars to support it.

But, the latest Clinton controversy is the most outrageous:

Hillary Clinton said she opposed the slaughter of Tibetan protesters. --Her husband received hundreds of thousands by the company that posted the photos of the Most Wanted Tibetan activists on their internet page.

• Gaius observes that Joe Klein will be savaged for telling the truth:

Joe Klein at Time will doubtless raise even more fury than he usually does over on the hard left with his latest post. He makes a number of points contradicting the analysis today by The Politico which pretty well savaged Obama as unelectable...

...There are a lot of people who are not at all amused with Obama's condescending dismissal of small town America. Just as there were a lot of people seriously angered by Obama's pastor and his anti-America screeds. The latter was not quite as personal as Obama's disdain for average Americans. The personal slight are harder to get around...

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