Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One of Obama's campaign blogs calls for destruction of Israel

Tony Wicher's hilariously named "Blog for Peace" articulates a vision of a world without Israel.

The idea of a resolution of the Israel/Palestine civil war through transformation of Israel into a single multicultural state of all its citizens is gaining momentum and going mainstream.

Zionism that does not contradict fundamental democratic principles is possible. Zionism without a Jewish State.

[Israel's] requirement for a Jewish supermajority which is the core of Israeli government policy creates a situation that is WORSE than apartheid for the non-citizens living in the West Bank and Gaza. [Ed: no word on opening up the borders between Gaza and Egypt and the West Bank and Jordan. Apparently those fences are just fine, thank you.]

What was once known to the world as the cradle of freedom and democracy, the United States, the hope of the world, is now known as the world's greatest hypocrite as it attempts to carry out a program of world hegemony, and does so in the name of "freedom and democracy".

Put simply, the residents of Gaza and the West Bank have never even acknowledged the right of Israel to simply exist. While rockets pound Israel and suicide attacks intentionally target children, the corrupt Palestinian leaders steal billions in aid from their people and provide them with a curriculum of genocidal hatred rather than mathematics, reading or science.

But I'm sure that has nothing at all to do with Israel's reluctance to open its borders. That said, no word from Wicher on whether Egypt and and Jordan should open up their own borders with the Palestinians.

These racists and anti-American haters really tend to gravitate to the Obama campaign. I wonder what that connection could be.

Update: for those new to the site, I recommend What Really Happened, a slide-show that describes a concise history of the Middle East.

Hat tip: Charles Johnson.

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