Monday, April 07, 2008

Lines o' the Day

Democrat Ed Rendell: "Keith Olbermann should be on the Obama payroll... If he’s not, he should be on the Obama payroll."

Time Magazine's Bobby Ghosh: "...every Iraqi who offers me a view on American politics seems to be praying for a McCain victory."

Clinton spokesperson Mo Elleithee: “If the hospital claims it [Hillary's fable regarding an uninsured pregnant woman who died because she did not have $100 for treatment] did not happen that way, we respect that.”

Pennsylvania organizer for the Obama Campaign, Darnell L. Williams: "So you all thought that Nazism were finished after World War II? No, only Hitler was finished, the party which was never outlawed out side Germany, moved on to infiltrate Western governments. They don't use that name any more. They just use other political parties to spread their agenda... President Bush is part of that movement. Below is the candidate for the next four years... [McCain is the] Third Reich candidate."

Hugh Hewitt: "...the MSM is allowing [Obama] to march to Denver without engaging in an extended conversation about what to do with the increasing militancy of Iran (and its proxy Hezbollah). This is one of the greatest failures of American journalism. Imagine the 1940 campaign being conducted without FDR or Wilkie commenting on the war in Europe... Senator Obama: what would you do about the Qods Force?"

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