Thursday, April 17, 2008

Worst. President. Of all time. In a landslide.

This article says it all.

It puts a cherry on the top of a career that includes a horrific record as president: the human rights disasters occasioned by his failed policies in Iran and Nicaragua. The fall of the Shah and the rise of the Mullahs in Iran -- directly attributable to Carter - provided the central bastion for Islamofascism leading up to 9/11. His failure to support the Shah also emboldened the Soviets, who rolled into Afghanistan in 1979, correctly figuring that Carter would do nothing but bloviate using a whiny drawl.

Nice work, Mr. Peanut. It's just another volume destined for the Carter Presidential Library of Catastrophic Failures and Anti-Americanism located conveniently in downtown Tehran, Iran.

Update: SC&A: Jimmy Carter, a fool on a fool's errand (via Larwyn)

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