Sunday, April 27, 2008

House Democrats demand pullout from Chicago "quagmire"

After a bloody month of shootings with dozens dead, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid demanded that the federal government take action. Five young people were killed on Wednesday after police say they were "definitely targeted." This brought the total to 15 murders and forty shootings in less than a week.

"Chicago has become a quagmire for police and other armed officials. The occupation of Chicago has simply not worked. This administration's failure to control the catastrophic surge in violence means that we need to pull out. We must let the people of Chicago deal with the situation themselves," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Added Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, "Our armed presence in Chicago has attracted extremists to the cause of violence. It is because we are there that this situation has spun out of control. We need a timeline for police withdrawal from Chicago... and we need a commitment from the government to have all armed personnel out of the city by the July 1."

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