Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ten Worst Brands of All Time

10 • Don Ringo's Discount Dianetics -- "Scientology on a budget!"

9 • Cuyohoga River Jerky

8 • Toilet Taco Fast-Acting Laxatives

7 • Dr. Poon's Meatless Health Steaks

6 • Active Baby Spandex Workout Diapers

5 • Cap'n Anchovy Breakfast Cereal

4 • Popiel Pocket Juicer

3 • Billy O'Goyim's Pork-filled Bagels

2 • I can't believe it's not camel!

And the number one worst brand of all time? 1 • Hillary Clinton: the "experienced candidate".


Anonymous said...

Mmmm... pork filled bagels


danq said...

I never eat anchovies refrigerated.

A tin does make a good
"small meal" though...

Unknown said...

I'm curious about the anchovy and egg sandwich which Archie Goodwin refers to in a Nero Wolfe Mystery show. And the quote from Nero himself,"There is no compromise with anchovies".