Saturday, April 04, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Coronavirus: What would Sleepy Joe Biden do?

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Coronavirus: What would Sleepy Joe Biden do?: PJM
Administration recommends all people wear face coverings in public: Cassidy Morrison
Bartiromo Questions 3M CEO on Selling Masks To Foreign Governments: CTH

Watch Joe Biden's Unbelievable Campaign Gaffe Highlight Reel Here: Hannity
What Can Be Done On Immigration Now: Andrew R. Arthur
Nevada Governor Sisolak Found Hoarding Coronavirus Treatment Drug: Jacob Engels

Analyst Finds Major Flaw in Model Used by WH; Actuals a Fraction of Expected: RS
Surgeon General: Here is What Wearing Face Masks Really Accomplishes: Ellie Bufkin
Mark Levin calls for loosening some restrictions on economy: Fox

'I think a lot of people cheat': Trump dismisses expanded mail-in voting: John Gage
Biden Can’t Fundraise Because He Can’t Lead: Kimberly Guilfoyle
USS Roosevelt Sailors Cheer Fired Commander As He Exits Virus-Infected Ship: DC


We’re Following A One-Size-Fits-All Coronavirus Strategy Right Into A Great Depression: Ben Domenech
NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Economy and Unemployment: CTH
Detroiters give free gas to nurses working through coronavirus crisis: Gary Gastelu

Peter Navarro Responds to 3M CEO Excuses – Stop Complaining and Do Your Damned Job: CTH
Kraft, Conagra Shutter Restaurant Supply Plants; Simultaneously Expand Retail Manufacturing: CTH
POTUS Has Long Demanded Critical Manufacturing Return to U.S.: Coronavirus Pandemic Outlines Why: CTH

Scandal Central

President Trump Removes Coup Plotter ICIG Michael Atkinson, DC Media Conscripts Go Bananas: CTH
John Durham investigation intensifies focus on John Brennan: Jerry Dunleavy
Mueller Hid Evidence Exonerating Don Jr. Over Infamous Trump Tower Meeting: Matt Margolis

Oh My: FISA Court Requires DOJ/FBI To Provide Names of Targets Within Corrupt Surveillance Applications: CTH
Mark Levin: Adam Schiff failed to heed coronavirus warning signs out of China: Daniel Chaitin
Mark Levin: "Reprobate" Adam Schiff Giving "Aid And Comfort" To Enemy; First Russia, Now China: Ian Schwartz


Fact Check This! Facebook & PolitiFact Rewriting History: Charles "Sam" Faddis
Gavin Newsom Smoothly Shuts Down Joy Behar’s Attempts at Politicizing Trump’s CA Wuhan Virus Response: RS
The Mainstream Media Spins a Pandemic : WFB

NYT is a threat to public health: Don Surber
Accoster Mansplains Trump’s Wuhan Virus Timeline to Dr. Birx, It Doesn't Go Well: Sister Toldjah
The Media Owe Senator Tom Cotton an Apology: NRO


The CIA Is Trying To Find China’s Real Coronavirus Data: Angers Hagstrom
'Stop eating bats!': Lindsey Graham calls on China to shut down wet markets: Tim Pearce
Disaster in motion: 3.4 million travelers poured into US as coronavirus pandemic erupted: ABC

Rat restaurants, wet markets and repressive regimes: Urban C. Lenhner
'They're leaving us to die': Ecuadorians' plead for help as virus blazes deadly trail: Guardian
Sweden Girds for Thousands of Deaths Amid Laxer Virus Response: Bloomberg

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Calls Mount for WHO Chief to Resign: Adam Kredo and David Rutz
A Must For Millions, Zoom Has A Dark Side — And An FBI Warning: NPR
UNKNOWN VIRAL PNEUMONIA IN CHINA - January 2, 2020: Matthew Sheare


Etymology: Do Not Try This At Home: MOTUS
‘Covidiot’ blogger Arielle Charnas may have ruined her brand: Adam Schrader
Crock’a Dems Dondee: Sondrakistan

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