Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Sen Rick Scott Wants Probe Of WHO-China ‘Cover Up’

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Sen Rick Scott Wants Probe Of WHO-China ‘Cover Up’: Chuck Ross
Nancy Pelosi Dismissed Virus Threat in February Chinatown Visit: "Fine Here": Breitbart
Fauci offers more conservative death rate in academic article than in public virus briefings: JTN

Promise In The War Against Covid-19: Herschel Smith
Coronavirus Clobbers Cops and Suddenly Second is First Fallback: Dave Workman
deBlasio Releases 900 Inmates To Reduce Virus Risk, Makes Room To Arrest Clergy: CTH

President Trump: “I want to give people hope”: CTH
Pelosi Suggests Dems Will Investigate President Trump Over Coronavirus: Lawrence Richard
Jim Jordan: Nadler Must Hold Hearing On FISA Abuse Given Damning IG Report: Chuck Ross

California May Have Developed Greater Herd Immunity: Victor Davis Hanson
NYC sees a coronavirus death every 2.9 minutes in six-hour stretch: Post
McConnell: What's the rush on Phase 4 coronavirus relief, except for Pelosi's hobby-horse agenda?: Hot Air


President Trump Proposes $2 Trillion Infrastructure Investment: CTH
Jobs melting away fast as coronavirus wreaks havoc on economy: Jay Heflin
'Foolish executives': Trump blasts automakers wary of Obama fuel economy standards rollback: Abby Smith

Scandal Central

Major Errors Found In All 29 of the FISA Warrants The IG Has Reviewed: Ace
Inspector General Finds Rampant Errors in FBI Surveillance: Ivan Pentchoukov
Comey and Mueller Should Be Incarcerated – Not Emulated: RS

FISA Review by IG: Issues So Bad Interim Report Issued to Reveal the Disgusting Truth: CTH
Flashback: The Obama-Biden Administration Repeatedly Sought Millions in CDC Cuts: PJM


Media Continues Censoring a Former Senate Staffer's Allegation of Forcible Sexual Penetration by Joe Biden: Ace
Russian Collusion Truthers Come Full Circle to Own the Orange Man: RS
Mark Cuban Drops Bombshell: I Give Trump All The Credit In The World For Combatting Coronavirus: Ron Laden

Here’s the Number of Times the Mainstream Media Have Mentioned Joe Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser: RS
MyPillow CEO Responds to Media Who Ridicule His Faith-Based Effort to Manufacture Coronavirus Masks: CTH
Fashion influencer blasted for refusing to self-isolate while taking her family to the Hamptons: Daily Mail


Pandemic Historian: Coronavirus 'a Disease of Globalization': Breitbart
Japanese Vice PM Says WHO Should Be Renamed ‘Chinese Health Organization’: NationalFile
World Health Organization Spends Twice As Much On Travel As On Medical Supplies: Peter Hasson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Israel to use radar tech to keep medical staff safe while monitoring patients: INN
Scientists reveal when coronavirus COVID-19 will peak in your state: Jak Connor
How Microsoft is fighting the coronavirus outbreak with chatbots and virus trackers: Alan Boyle


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Belmont Playboys: T.L. Davis
Pathogen Resistance: XKCD



Anonymous said...

Who the hell appointed Drudge to be a Chinese mouthpiece? Is he off his meds? There are many good developments concerning the fight against China's Virus yet Drudge's mission in life seems to be running through theatres shouting "fire" and dashing through old folks homes yelling "Corona Virus".
Somebody put a boot on this pencil neck, we don't need his kind of fake news.

Anonymous said...

And please do not color me impressed with a man who left his career early to be a meddler in the Marketplace, even presuming to advise Presidents. A man who introduced a generation of young boys to extreme video violence while opening a gateway of infection on the world that cost them more money, time, aggravation, and damage than the Whu Won Flu ever will. I'd rather get the New Flu than be told once more that my system is obsolete and I need a new computer.

commoncents said...

Tucker Carlson Blasting China and Possible Origin Of Coronavirus in Wuhan Labs March 31, 2020

Mike Hendrix said...

Thanks, Larwyn!