Saturday, April 25, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: New Evidence ‘Proves’ Flynn Was ‘Framed,’ His Lawyer Says, Wants Documents Unsealed

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New Evidence ‘Proves’ Flynn Was ‘Framed,’ His Lawyer Says: Peter Svab
Flynn Case: Reviewing MO U.S. Attorney Provides Exculpatory Evidence Under Seal: CTH
Pompeo: China Still Not Cooperating on COVID-19: Larry O'Connor

The Constitution was Made for Covid-19: Penny Nance
Why Washington gave us the finger: Don Surber
Andrew Cuomo Dares Mitch McConnell Not to Bail-Out CA, IL, CT, NJ and NY: CTH

Most VP picks are cosmetic, but Joe Biden’s is crucial: Andrew Malcolm
“ActBlue” sees huge $533M small-donor bonanza in first quarter: Politiho
Minneapolis grants noise permit for 'historic' Ramadan call to prayer in major U.S. city: Times

Harvard vs. the Family: Max Eden
Hillsdale College Launches Classical Ed Series for ‘Common Sense’ K-12: Dr. Susan Berry
Looks Like Trump Was Right About The Coronavirus Fatality Rate: David Marcus


Supreme Court denies motion to block Trump 'public charge' rule during pandemic: Harper Neidig
This Pandemic Is Over. Let's Stop the Economic Suicide, and Get Back to Work: George Gilder
Could Sen. Mitch McConnell’s bankruptcy idea actually save Illinois and Chicago taxpayers?: John Kass

Scandal Central

Source Says FBI Director Wray Pushed To Withhold Exculpatory Evidence In Flynn Case: Christian Dtoc
Stunning Brady Docs Disclosed By Gov Exonerates Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Defense Says: Sara Carter
Newly Filed Court Documents Include Exculpatory Evidence For Michael Flynn: Sean Davis

Astonishing New Evidence Found Lending Credibility to Tara Reade’s Claim of Sexual Assault by Joe Biden: RS
Biden Accuser Tells Us New Video Evidence Proves Her Allegations Are True: DC
Report: Colonel James Baker of Pentagon Office of NET Assessment leaked the transcripts of Flynn’s calls: RS

DOJ Disputes Independent Sources Who Affirm Boente and Wray Tried to Block Flynn Release: CTH
It Appears John Brennan Pulled a Deep State Move to Benefit Hillary Clinton: Matt Vespa
Christopher Steele, Who Compiled Trump Dossier For Democrats, Said His Emails Were Wiped: Matt Vespa


YouTube CEO Says You Better Parrot the World Health Organization or Face Removal: RS
WaPo's Amber Phillips Spreads Fake News About Isopropyl Alcohol: John Nolte
Whitmer: I Don’t Know How We Awarded That Contract To My Campaign Vendor Who Just Went Dark: Jazz Shaw


Behind the secret plan for a North Korea collapse: Daniel Sneider
Is Bat coronavirus 4991 a smoking gun in China’s COVID-19 cover-up?: Lawrence Sellin
Brazil becoming coronavirus hot spot as testing falters: TMT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation: Dr. Scott W. Atlas
COVID-19 Outbreak Associated with Air Conditioning in Restaurant, Guangzhou, China, 2020: CDC
Cannabis edibles: Labels should convey THC levels more accurately: Medical News Today


Florida Kennel Empty ‘For the First Time in History,’ All Dogs Adopted: Breitbart
What We Are Really Afraid Of: MOTUS
The Jarlsberg Diaries: Feeling Sheepish: Stilton’s Place


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