Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Why did US elites sell US out to Chinese Communist Party for decades?

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Why did US elites sell US out to Chinese Communist Party for decades? : Lee Smith
Democrat AOC’s Nauseating Reaction to Oil Market Collapse and Job Losses: Matt Vespa
LA County Study: Actual Wuhan Virus Infection Rate Is 28 to 55x Higher Than Reported: RS

COVID-19 Recovery Panel Suggests Path for ‘Expeditious’ Return to Work: Fred Lucas
I’m Not Bummed Out — I’m Just Suspicious: EIB
Democrat Law Professor Calls Out Pelosi For Contradictory Statements: DailyWire

Brit Hume’s interview with ex-NYT reporter Alex Berenson: Read the transcript: Fox
1984 Comes to Life: The Cult That Rewrites History – Part Two: Brian Cates
Chinese Agent Charles Lieber & His Virus Transmitters: GreatGameIndia

Governors, not gods: States can't simply do whatever they want indefinitely: Daniel Horowitz
President Trump Announces Executive Order Suspending All Immigration: CTH
Senate Constructs $500 Billion State Bailout to Fund Coronavirus Lock Down: CTH


The Post-Quarantine City: Nicole Gelinas
PA Business Owner Says They Are Being 'Unconstitutionally Closed Down': Breitbart
If You Still Have A Job, Don’t Sneer At People Who Are Protesting To Get Their Jobs Back: Matt Walsh

Scandal Central

7 Devastating Revelations About Crossfire Hurricane In New Releases: Margot Cleveland
Schiff and Nadler Call on DOJ IG to Investigate A.G. Barr’s Remarks Regarding ICIG’s Firing: Debra Heine
50 Freed Coronavirus Inmates Carried Out Crime Spree: Daniel Greenfield

Newly Declassified Evidence: Russia Didn't Try to Help Elect Trump in 2016: Matt Margolis
Blue States Demand Facebook Remove Protest Info Against Their “Orders” – Facebook Complies: CTH
Bernie Sanders Advocate AOC Cheers U.S. Economic Collapse: “Absolutely Love to See It”: CTH


This is why no one trusts the media: Instapundit
Feud Between China, German Newspaper Boils, Tears Into Xi Jinping: Shelby Talcott
Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors: SDA


The Truth About China and the Coronavirus: Sebastian Gorka
Kim Jong Un reported ‘gravely ill’ after surgery: AsiaTimes
Coronavirus Timeline: Hudson Institute

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

If Wuhan Virus Is So Bad, Why Are Deaths So Low?: RS
COVID-19: What’s wrong with the models?: Peter Attia
China's JF-17 'Thunder' Jet Has One Big Advantage Over Stealth F-35s: Charlie Gao


What Did You Do In The Great Wuhan Cootie Flu War Mom?: MOTUS
Everybody Still Here?: Sondrakistan
Plastic Face Lady: Diogenes


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