Thursday, April 23, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Revealed: FBI Used Left-Wing Conspiracy Theory to Spy on Trump Campaign Adviser

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FBI Used Left-Wing Conspiracy Theory to Spy on Trump Campaign Adviser: Aaron Klein
Progressive Governors Indulge Their Inner Despot: Bruce Thornton
Here’s Why We Didn’t Have Coronavirus Testing In February: John Sexton

Pelosi: Next Stimulus Will 'Enable the American People to Vote by Mail': Pam Key
The Government Can’t Shut Down, But the Economy Can?: EIB
NY Paramedics outraged over orders not to revive cardiac patients amid virus crisis: BPR

China Is Waging A New Kind Of War Against The U.S.: Gregory R. Copley
Bin Laden wanted to kill Obama so 'totally unprepared' Biden would be president: Fox
Harvard Agrees To Give Back Funds From CARES Act: CTH


The Democrats Totally Want A Depression: Kurt Schlichter
Coronavirus debt will kill Left's policy dreams: Exam
The secondary health care crisis from COVID-19 pandemic: Dr. Benjamin Domb

Scandal Central

After pushback, Whitmer cancels coronavirus tracing contract awarded to Democrat political intel giant: Adam Ford
FISA Docs Show John Kerry’s State Dept. Was Key Player in Russia Collusion Hoax: Aaron Klein
DC Police Say Joe Biden Is Under Investigation For Sexual Assault Claim: TPI


More Media Misdirection on Trump-Russia: Andrew C. McCarthy
Tucker Carlson Questions The Wisdom of The Lock-down Approach: CTH
John Solomon Stands By His Claim: John Durham Indictments Coming Soon: CTH


Inside North Korea’s ‘Game of Thrones’: Andrew Salmon
Beijing’s ‘Manhattan’ labeled a virus risk: Frank Chen
Russia Is Testing US Military for Weaknesses Amid Pandemic, General Says: Gina Harkins

Why Beijing must change before it’s too late: Asia Times
New warning: COVID-19 nothing compared to EMP, 295M dead: Paul Bedard
How China could have made COVID-19 while hiding its origin: Lawrence Sellin

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Pandemic: Cardinal Numbers No One Talks About: Vinay Kolhatkar
Covid-19 caused by a 'smart' virus that can find blind spots, crucial for system to be flexible: Straits Times
Documents Reveal Feds Are Excited To Create A Mass Surveillance Network: MassPrivateI


Earth Day Fifty Years Later: Don’t Forget To Shut Off the Lights: MOTUS
Non Earth Day Stuff: Sondrakistan
Two sets of laws Part the Bazillionth: Cold Fury


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Anonymous said...

"The problem in our current condition comes from arresting growth. Dying is easy once you start shutting down and giving your stuff away, but it is another kind of death to be denied growth, it's torture really, and it is un-American."
Romney Wordsworth, 1961.