Thursday, April 16, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Stress Pandemic

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Trump 2020 American Flag Vintage T-Shirt
The Stress Pandemic: Thomas W. Smith
On 4 Fronts, How China Quietly Infiltrates American Life: Jarrett Stepman
A Time for Statesmanship: Matthew J. Peterson

Fed-Up Michiganders Stage Massive Protest Against Whitmer's Lockdown: Megan Fox
Nancy Pelosi Bravely Survives Lockdown With $20K Fridges, Designer Ice Cream: PJM
Cuomo Orders New Yorkers to Wear Masks in Public: Charlie Spiering

President Trump Threatens to Adjourn Congress: “They’ve Been Warned”: CTH
Trump Set to Lay Out Plan for Reopening America: Fred Lucas
Fact Check: Stimulus Checks Not Being Held up for Donald Trump's Name: Matthew Boyle


How to re-open the country and control COVID-19 #coronavirus: Leo Goldstein
AG Secretary Sonny Perdue Discusses Challenges Shifting Food Supply Chains: CTH
White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses China’s Manipulation of WHO: CTH

Scandal Central

Eric Holder: Coronavirus 'an Opportunity' to Permanently Change America's Voting System: Charlie Spiering
A Common Misconception About The Origin of Spygate – Political Surveillance In The Era of President Obama: CTH
A Deeper Dive On The World Health Organization: NoisyRm


Another Dishonest Smear By the Washington Post: John Hinderaker
Bloomberg News Caught on Tape Telling Reporters to Preserve Access to China's 'Nazis': John Nolte
Team Trump to Jim Acosta: Here’s Your Examples of Mail-In Voter Fraud: Charlie Spiering

NYT: Biden Accuser Sounds Like a Local Story to Me: Ace
Believe All Women - Unless They Accuse Joe Biden: Daniel Greenfield
Microsoft Publishes, Then Takes Down Commercial with 'Spirit Cooker' Marina Abramović: Allum Bokhari


Tom Cotton was right: The Wuhan virus probably came from a bioweapons lab: Andrea Widburg
UK’s Government-Run Health Care Struggles to Combat Coronavirus: Rachel del Guidice
Half of refugees at German camp test Covid-19 positive: EUobserver

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Taiwan: Robot Fans Cheer at World's First Baseball Game Since Pandemic: Ben Kew
A star orbiting the Milky Way’s giant black hole confirms Einstein was right: Emily Conover
Model quantifies the impact of quarantine measures on Covid-19’s spread: Mary Beth Gallagher


Trump pulling off the impossible again: Lloyd Marcus
Joe Biden’s Double Standard: KC Johnson
What Makes Joe Run?: Earl of Taint



Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is a refrigerator, Auntie Abrams is the chocolate ice cream in his freezer. Can't we just vote in May and get this over with?

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