Thursday, April 09, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrats say voting is undemocratic

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Democrats say voting is undemocratic: Don Surber
How US bureaucrats deepened the coronavirus crisis to deadly effect: Jacob Sullum
When will Republicans go on offense?: James D. Best

Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret.: BFT
Attention, Medical Professionals: You Might Not Need All Those Ventilators: Hot Air
CDC Dramatically Lowers Coronavirus Death Estimates: Kevin Jackson

Massachusetts Issues Guidelines To “Prioritize” Who Will Be Saved: Jazz Shaw
US coronavirus 'super spreader' attended funeral and birthday party, infecting 15: Straits Times
Fauci now is part of the problem, not part of the solution: Howard Richman

U.S. Navy’s Coronavirus Infection: National Security On The Line: Greg Hicks
Bern Out: CTH
Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic nomination but won the party's future: Kaylee McGhee


MTA workers dying from coronavirus at triple the rate of agencies that employ NYC first responders: NYDN
We Can’t Wait for a Vaccine! Show Some Empathy for the Economic Tragedy: EIB
Report says American companies are leaving China en masse : Chris Enloe

Scandal Central

Details Of China’s Crackdown On Free Speech During The Coronavirus Outbreak: John Sexton
'Here we go again': Pelosi, Schiff plot new probe of Trump: Joseph Curl
Anthony Fauci sets stage for mandatory -- lucrative! -- vaccine: Times

Under Fire Sketchy Loeffler Promises to Liquidate All Stock Holdings – Won’t Matter, She’s Toast: CTH
Navarro Discusses China’s Duplicity Spreading the Wuhan Virus: CTH
Fauci Signaling to Acosta During White House Briefing: CTH


“You know, you’re a real A-hole, Wolf” – Mark Levin rips into CNN host Wolf Blitzer: Scoop
NY Post Reporter Destroyed for Asking Trump Absurd Tiger King Question During Coronavirus Briefing: Mediaite
Fauci Signaling to Acosta During White House Briefing: CTH


World Health Organization in firing line: AsiaTimes
Japan’s Financial Markets Gird for Tokyo Emergency Measures: Chikako Mogi, Min Jeong Lee, and Ayai Tomisawa
Japan coronavirus cases pass 5,000 as state of emergency fails to keep people home: Straits Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Dr. Birx admits to overcounting COVID-19 deaths, as heart attacks mysteriously plummet: Daniel Horowitz
WH Coronavirus Model Updated Twice In 4 Days, Downgrading Deaths, Hospitalizations Again: DailyWire
New Satellites Will Be a Big Step in the Pentagon’s Plan to Link Everything: Patrick Tucker


Damning Report Finds WH Ignored Skeletal Horsemen Galloping Through Sky As Early As January: The Onion
Trump Installs Ejection Seats Throughout Press Briefing Room: Babylon Bee
China Is AssHoe, Indeed: Earl of Taint


Anonymous said...

Why was Joe Biden able to boast about a "private" conversation with the President, when such a conversation between Trump and the Ukraine was the subject of an expensive and lengthy anal exam by the ungloved Pelosi?
What did Joe not know, and when did he not know it?

commoncents said...

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