Saturday, April 18, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The More Anger at China, the Worse for Biden

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The More Anger at China, the Worse for Biden: Charles Lipson
We Have No Idea What Joe Biden Is Muttering About Here, Help Us Out?: Stephen Green
Under Pressure Michigan Gov. Whitmer Says Possible State Opening May 1st: CTH

Did It Climb Out Of A Bowl Of Bat Soup Or Did It Jump The Fence?: Charles "Sam" Faddis
Under Pressure Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Says Possible State Opening 5/1: CTH
Mark Levin: "The Governors Have Shut Down The Economy, Not The President": Ian Schwartz

Dem Confederate Jay Inslee: “”The president is fomenting domestic rebellion”: CTH
Dr. Fauci Unintentionally Misleads on the Origin of CoVid-19: Lawrence Sellin
As DC Faces Virus Spike, Secret Military Task Force Prepares to Secure Capital: NewsWeak

Eric Holder Giddy About 'Opportunity' Virus Presents To Make 'Permanent' Changes: WJ
MSSA Warns Gov. Bullock It Will Not Comply With Hunting Bans: Montana Daily Gazette
Democrats Will Keep States Closed to Tank Economy and Take Down Trump: Todd Starnes


NEC Director Larry Kudlow Frustrated Congress Will Not Fund Paycheck Protection Program: CTH
In Chicago, a local sheet metal manufacturer joins the battle against Wuhan virus: Andrea Widburg
Kroger will use checkout technology to limit customer traffic: Jeff Wells

Scandal Central

Declassified DOJ Letter to FISA Court Highlights Severe Institutional Corruption; DOJ Blames FBI: CTH
Gorka: Greatest Coronavirus Threat Is Democrat Push for Mail-in-Voting: Robert Kraychik
Senate panel releases redacted Carter Page FISA documents, declassified Papadopoulos transcripts: Jerry Dunleavy


DNC PR Firm NY Times Changed Biden Sexual Assault Story at Request of Campaign: John Hinderaker
Media Prefer Hating Trump to Helping America: David Limbaugh
Lindsey Graham Nukes Joy Behar's Challenge to Name 3 Things Trump 'Did Right' on Coronavirus: Matt Margolis


Media tycoon Jimmy Lai among 14 from Hong Kong opposition camp arrested over unlawful protests: SCMP
UK is finally dumping Huawei and it was China’s handling of the coronavirus that did it…: Scoop
Pork Plant at Center of South Dakota’s Virus Outbreak Had Visit From CCP-Tied Owners: Epoch

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Epidemiologists Still Don’t Know the Death Rate for Covid-19: DNYUZ
Substantial undocumented infection facilitates rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus: ScienceMag
CDC reviewing ‘stunning’ universal testing results from Boston homeless shelter: Drew Karedes


Can’t bet on sports? Try the weather instead: Gabrielle Fonrouge
Libturd Friday: Woodsterman
Preening an Grooming in the Age of Coronavirus: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

So when is Melania going to get in an Excavator and dig up the garden Big Mike built on toxins? She'd look pretty cute in a hard hat and sunglasses..., it could herald her "back to work day".

commoncents said...

Live Stream - One World: Together At Home Special to Celebrate COVID-19 Workers