Sunday, April 19, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: How the Obamas could easily win eight more years in the White House

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How the Obamas could easily win eight more years in the White House: Post
We funded Red China's world dominance: Don Surber
Cuomo Hires Firm With Close Ties To CCP To Develop Reopening Plan: Jazz Shaw

Obama-Biden NIH Bankrolled Wuhan Bioweapons Lab: PJM
The Cult That Rewrites History: Part 1: Brian Cates
Study: most outbreaks in China were from family indoors and … mass transit: Daniel Horowitz

Remember This Biden Blunder on China? The Media Hope You Don’t: NewsBusters
This is the Guy Democrats Want to Have the Nuclear Codes: GOP
SD Gov. Noem Drops Truth Bomb on Critics Demanding Stay-at-Home Order: Beth Baumann

Antibody studies suggest coronavirus may be much more widespread: Daniel Payne
Influential coronavirus model reduces Florida's projected deaths by over 70%: Daniel Payne
Ohio governor announces economic reopening starting May 1: Madison Dibble


The Wu Flu: Even Better than the Green New Deal: Lisa Schiffren
No, no, and hell no: Illinois Is First In Line For State And Local Pension Bailouts: Elizabeth Bauer
CDC Hustles To Put Virus-Ravaged Smithfield Foods Back Online After Worker Dies Of COVID: Chris White

Trump redirects WHO funds to Samaritan’s Purse and the Red Cross: Scoop
DeMuth: Unlike Bush and Obama, Trump Succeeded in Crisis by Decentralizing Power: Joel B. Pollak
NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses USA Economic Reopening: CTH

Scandal Central

Bombshell: U.S. Intel says Obama gave millions of dollars to Wuhan lab that produced coronavirus: LifeZette
Omar Still Flushing Campaign Cash Into Husband’s Firm: Jazz Shaw
De Blasio Wants New Yorkers To Rat On Neighbors. Don’t Do It.: David Marcus

New Jersey Directorate Arrests Subversive Citizen For Organizing Protest Against The State: CTH
Comrade deBlasio Introduces New York City Snitching Program – Take a Photo of Non-Compliant Behavior: CTH
The viral photo of Trump supporter displaying a swastika at Mich. protest: It's a hoax. : Andy Ngo


NY Post Wrecks Facebook Over Their Wuhan Lab “Fact Checking”: Jazz Shaw
Facebook’s ‘fact checkers’ are the real fake news after censoring Post story: Post
CNN Journalist Cries Under the Strain of His Pathetically Soft Wokeness: CTH

NBC News Analyst Claims U.S. Lock-Down Protests Created by Russians: CTH
New York Times Often Sends Jeremy Peters to Wage War on Conservative Media 'Propaganda': Tim Graham
Trump says New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman should 'give back' her Pulitzer Prize: Emma Colton

Strassel: Here’s Why the Democrats Keep Moving the Shutdown Goal Posts: RS
Carnival Executives Knew They Had a Virus Problem, But Kept the Party Going: Bloomberg
Gov. Cuomo Shatters Media on Trump and #WuhanVirus: We Haven't Lost 1 Patient for Lack of Equipment: WJ


It will be a disaster for the world if China is covering up a second coronavirus wave: Ross Clark
Bombshell study finds most outbreaks in China were from family indoors and … mass transit: Daniel Horowitz
Videos: USS Vermont becomes latest Virginia-class fast-attack submarine in service: AMN

Viktor Orbán Takes the Holocaust Out of the Hungarian Curriculum: Susan Rubin Suleiman
Seoul’s Full Cafes, Apple Store Lines Show Mass Testing Success: Kanga Kong
Hong Kong protests: UK statement following the arrest of a number of political figures in Hong Kong: UK Gov

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Wuhan Flu: Lung Disease Or Blood Disease?: SDA
What the Wuhan Virus on the USS Theodore Roosevelt Tells Us About What We Should Do Next: RS
The Results Are In On The Texas Nursing Home Using Hydroxychloroquine: Karen Townsend

Hydrogen-boron fusion could be a dream come true: Jonathan Tennenbaum
Why China may have manufactured COVID-19: Lawrence Sellin
Explained: How coronavirus attacks, step by step: Kabir Firaque


Isolation: Althouse
The World Doesn’t Need Any More Gumbys: MOTUS
Beijing Biden: Earl of Taint


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