Friday, April 03, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Mark Levin: Adam Schiff failed to heed coronavirus warning signs out of China

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Mark Levin: Adam Schiff failed to heed coronavirus warning signs out of China: Daniel Chaitin
Biden: Iran Must Receive Sanctions Relief and U.S. Cash During COVID-19 Crisis: Joe Biden
Pelosi Claims She ‘Knew’ About Virus Threat, Defends Prioritizing Impeachment: RS

Cali Gov. Newsom: I'd be lying to say Trump has not been responsive to us: Anthony Leonardi
Schmucky Schumer Steps on Rake for the 102nd Time: CTH
If This Is a War for Our Country, We’re Losing: Brandon Morse

Seriously Unserious: Keith Carlson
I Wear A Mask In Public. The CDC Needs To Catch Up.: Ed Morrissey
Biden's lead evaporates in new poll that finds him weaker than Hillary in 2016: Giancarlo Sapo


3M Sells Masks and PPE To Foreign Governments While U.S. Looks for Products: CTH
President Trump Invokes Defense Production Act Taking Control of 3M Production: CTH
I’m paying all my workers for 2 months: Sheldon Adelson

The economy lost 701,000 jobs and unemployment rose to 4.4% in March as pandemic struck: Jay Heflin
Trump campaign delivering large amounts of food to hospitals for coronavirus workers: Report: Examiner
Test results show most NYC public schools doing fine — but some utter disasters: Ray Domanico

Scandal Central

Michael Flynn lawyer says client was prepared to 'audit' Obama spy officials before getting 'set up': Exam
‘Crazy And Dangerous’: Lindsey Graham, Dr. Fauci Denounce China’s Decision To Reopen Wet Markets After Virus Outbreak: Shelby Talcott
Dr. Deborah Birx admits US officials 'didn't know how contagious' coronavirus was early in outbreak: Fox


After mocking President Trump for promoting Hydroxychloroquine, journalists acknowledge it might treat Coronavirus: Fox
Holding the liberal media accountable during the COVID-19 pandemic: Peter Roff
Armchair Quarterbacks Try to Rewrite History on Coronavirus: David Harsanyi

Coronavirus crisis raises specter of civil unrest, experts say: Anna Giaritelli
New York City mayor tells residents to wear face coverings to fight spread of coronavirus: Anthony Leonardi
Cuomo Emerges as ‘Trump Whisperer’ During Coronavirus Crisis: DNYUZ


The lessons Italy has learned about its COVID-19 outbreak could help the rest of the world: Megan Williams
Aircraft carrier captain removed from duty after pleading for help with coronavirus outbreak: Rebecca Kheel
Solid Decision – Navy Secretary Thomas Modly Relieves Captain Brett Crozier From Command: CTH

'Indescribable suffering': GOP lawmakers urge Pompeo to hold China accountable for coronavirus: Mike Brest
Coronavirus pandemic gives beleaguered island a chance to turn tables on China: Joel Gehrke
Coronavirus: China Floods Europe With Defective Medical Equipment: Soeren Kern

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Deep-sea rocks on Earth spark new hope for finding life on Mars: Amanda Kooser
NASA announces launch of manned American rocket from American soil: JTN
White House-backed panel uses AI to distill data needed to battle coronavirus: Rob Crilly


Extremely Casual Friday: Stilton’s Place
Dirty Hippies Rediscover Plastic Shopping Bags Plus Beer Blog Friday: PJM
Scientists say coronavirus can spread through ‘aerosolized feces’: Kenneth Garger



Shaban said...

"Aircraft carrier captain removed from duty after pleading for help with coronavirus outbreak"

What a chinese thing to do. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

He broke the chain of command and complained to the press. Yes, he should've.

commoncents said...

WOW! President Trump's letter to Chuck Schumer is amazing!!!!