Friday, April 17, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Dem Senators Break With Leadership, Call for Immediate Small Business Funding

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Dem Senators Demand Pelosi Release Immediate Small Business Funding: Graham Piro
Small Business Relief Runs Out of Money As Dems Hold Up Funding: Matt Palumbo
AOC Now ‘In Talks’ With Joe Biden and I Think I Know Why: RS

We Are Approaching COVID-19 Gut-check Time: Victor Davis Hanson
Whitmer: No Property Rights When It’s Snowing, Or Something: Ed Morrissey
Trump opens the door for states to reopen and some governors are set to go through it: Cassidy Morrison

Some Things Will Never Be the Same After the Chinese Coronavirus: Kurt Schlichter
Hockey Sticks, Changing Goal Posts, and Hysteria: Julie Kelly
Dumb Policies Erode Public Support for Lockdown: Ramesh Ponnuru

T.L. Davis: Dangerous Distinction: NC Renegade
The Viral Center: Matthew Continetti
California’s $125M Illegal Immigrant Stimulus Partially Funded By Zuckerberg: Gabriel Keane


Oops: Nancy Pelosi asked to explain to small business owners why Dems are blocking emergency funding: Twitchy
Critics unleash on Pelosi for showing off $20,000 freezers loaded with ice cream: Emma Colton
Beware of economic contagion: Examiner

Scandal Central

How Can We Have Two Systems of Justice in This Country?: Jerry Newcombe
Steele Source Voiced ‘Strong Support’ For Hillary Clinton, Had Ties To Kremlin: Chuck Ross
Police find 17 bodies in New Jersey nursing home, reports: Joseph Weber

Could a closed archive hold answers on Biden sexual misconduct claim?: Examiner
Key Democrat Senator Calls for Pelosi and Schumer to Stop Blocking Small Business Relief: Sean Moran
Steele Source Voiced ‘Strong Support’ For Hillary Clinton, Had Ties To Kremlin: Chuck Ross


Todd: Democrats Risk Public Blame for Delaying Small Business Relief: David Rutz
The Coronavirus Generation: Philip Klein
Less than half in new poll say media provided 'clear view' of coronavirus dangers: Carrie Sheffield


US officials investigating whether coronavirus originated in Chinese laboratory: report: John Bowden
UK Warns No More ‘Business as Usual’ With China After Pandemic Ends: Cathy He
'Hope and strength': American flag projected onto Swiss Alps to show solidarity during pandemic: Zachary Halaschak

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Early peek at data on Gilead coronavirus drug suggests patients are responding to treatment: StatNews
Coronavirus clue? Most cases aboard stricken US aircraft carrier are symptom-free: ST
Report: China Quietly Keeping Residences Quarantined Despite 'Reopening' Wuhan: John Hayward


The Hell You Say: Stilton’s Place
Until Then: MOTUS
Joe Goes Off the Teleprompter Again: Diogenes

QOTD: Our Truckers at the White House!

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