Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: American Kristallnacht

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 • American Kristallnacht Ed Morrissey
 • Obama and The Socialist Democrats Want Hamas to Win Jed Babbin
 • Groups behind pro terror protests got $15M-plus from Soros Post
 • Weimar America Victor Davis Hanson
 • House Oversight Followed the Money Right to Joe Biden's Bank Accounts Matt Margolis
 • How The American Republic Was Lost Alexander G. Markovsky
 • Calls for ‘Intifada Revolution’ in the City of Brotherly Hate Jim Geraghty
 • Philadelphia Jewish restaurant faces 'genocide' chants by hundreds of Nazi protesters JPost
 • Olivia Troye: The Deep State's Female Forrest Gump Emerald
 • Attack on Elon Musk, world’s richest man, is about freedom of thought Times
 • The Case Against Andrew Weissmann: MSNBC Analyst and Mueller Aide Faces a Trump-Like Lawsuit Turley
 • Rich liberals are waking up Unsafe


 • Report From First-Ever Audit Shows How Much Power Disney Had in Central Florida Chris Queen
 • Biden’s Border Crisis Hits Chicago Hard, by Invitation Roman Jankowski
 • Bidenomics in Action Kunstler

Scandal Central

 • Hold Fauci and Co-Conspirators Accountable For Their Murderous Coverup Peter Navarro
 • The Curious Fraud Case Against Trump Just Got ‘Curiouser’ Turley
 • Ex-NY Attorney General lawyer claims he was fired after reporting ‘misconduct’ by chief prosecutor Isabel Keane


 • Subtle Like a Brick Through a Window – CIA PR Outlet Approves Trump Assassination CTH
 • Ex-Capitol Police Officer Releases Audio Proving J6 ‘Cover-Up' Matt Margolis
 • Here's What Rush Limbaugh Said About Ron DeSantis on His Final Show Matt Margolis


 • Hamas violated hostage deal so women wouldn't talk, US spokesman alleges JPost
 • Israel informs Arab states it wants buffer zone in post-war Gaza - sources JPost
 • Shin Bet head: ‘We’ll kill Hamas leaders in Qatar, Turkey’ JNS


 • Child mask mandates: “Scientific data does not support masking children for protection against COVID-19” BMJ
 • 23andMe confirms hackers stole ancestry data on 6.9 million users Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
 • GOP-Led States Demand Major Firms Stop Backing Efforts to ‘Debank’ Conservatives Katelynn Richardson


 • In Colombia, a hotel is packed military-aged Chinese nationals headed to the United States @RealMuckraker
 • The Globalist's Trojan Presidency TL Davis
 • Libturd Tuesday ~ A Woodsterman

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