Friday, December 29, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Obama’s Biden’s Energy Policy Aids Communist China

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 • Obama’s Biden’s Energy Policy Aids Communist China Stuart J. Cvrk
 • Honduran Nationals Reportedly Run Fentanyl Trafficking Rings in Major Cities Jennie Taer
 • Our Razor’s Edge Victor Davis Hanson
 • Sanctuary Cities: 'Sorry! We're Full!' Beege
 • 2023 Review: Carjackings surge in the Washington area Heather Hunter
 • Laredo Mayor: We Now Have Migrants ‘Stranded’ in Our City Breitbart
 • NY Times: Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on 10/7 John Sexton
 • ‘Regularizing the Situation’: U.S.-Mexico Meetings Included Talks of Amnesty LI
 • Things Fall Apart: An email sent to the newsletter readership tonight. LI


 • Democrat Swamp’s hidden regulations cost $50,000 per employee, lost investment Paul Bedard
 • Tucker Carlson Interviews Stephen Miller About Workplace and Leftist Racism CTH
 • Asset Prices Are The Crouched Lion Approaching Their Prey Pomp Letter

Scandal Central

 • Maine’s Democrat Secretary of State Disqualifies Donald Trump From 2024 GOP Primary Ballot CTH
 • DOJ threatens to sue Texas over anti-illegal immigration law; Abbott prepared for Supreme Court fight Fox
 • Rogue Agencies Flout Constitution and Undermine Our Republic’s Institutions Preston Brashers


 • TikTok suppression study is another reason to ban the app Examiner
 • Freed Gaza Hostage: 'Everyone Over There is a Terrorist' Ed Morrissey
 • AOC’s Anti-Historical Palestinian Christmas Tyler O'Neil


 • US Carrier Group Back in South China Sea John Sexton
 • Putin ally falls to death from third-floor window under mysterious circumstances Isabel Keane
 • IDF expands Gaza ops, digs deep into Khan Yunis tunnel system JNS


 • ‘Fraying Of The Fabric’: Marine General’s Classified Dissent Memo Warned Of Consequences To China-Focused Overhaul DC
 • Spain to Germany: Hold My Cold, Dark Cervesa Beege
 • Chinese Censors Delete Leak of Plummeting 2023 Birth Rates Breitbart


 • Boycotting the Woke Worked, PublicSq Shows Us What We Do Next Breitbart
 • I Don’t Make The Rules, Hallmark Does (Redux) MOTUS
 • It's . . . . Funderwhoopee Friday Everbody ~ AM Woodsterman

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