Saturday, December 09, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Border Surge Results in Mass Migrant Releases into U.S. by Biden Admin

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 • Border Surge Results in Mass Migrant Releases into U.S. by Biden Admin Breitbart
 • Weiss Charges Hunter Biden But Ignores Foreign Influence-Peddling To Protect Joe Federalist
 • The New National Pastime: Blob-ball Kunstler
 • Twice As Many Democrats As Republicans Believe The ‘Holocaust Is A Myth' DC
 • Georgia Prosecutors Warn of Prison Sentences for Trump, Top Allies Breitbart
 • The Liberal Media’s Desperate New ‘Trump Will be a Dictator’ Narrative Fred Fleitz
 • Appeals Court Upholds Trump Gag Order With Some Limits DC
 • Brilliant Mask Dropping – Kevin McCarthy Proves Republicans Only Love Money CTH
 • Coast Guard crew offloads more than $239 million worth of Hunter Biden’s cocaine in CA USCG (RSS Glitch in Headline)


 • The problem is bigger than three college presidents Jonathan S. Tobin
 • Chicago Teachers' Union Got Some 'Splainin' to Do Beege
 • California is Facing a Huge Budget Deficit, Bad News for State Democrats John Sexton

Scandal Central

 • The Woman in the Hamas Video Is My Daughter Ayelet Levy Shachar
 • The Not-So-Secret Hamas Support Group With White House Access DW
 • West Coast, Messed Coast™ a Stunning Thing Happened After Hamas Supporters Took Over UW PJ Media


 • Tucker Carlson Interviews Alex Jones CTH
 • RNC Never Sanctioned Iowa and New Hampshire Debates That CNN Announced – But It Gets Weirder CTH
 • This CNN Reporter Just Had a Come to Jesus Moment About Hamas Stephen Green


 • Red Cross Refuses to Help Israeli Hostages David Strom
 • Hamas targets troops from schools, mosque JNS
 • Red Cross reprimanded hostage families: 'Think about the Palestinians' JPost


 • More Road Bumps Develop in Not-So-Smooth Transition to EVs Beege
 • Saying The Quiet Part About This Utopian Green Energy Transition Out Loud DC
 • Oh Look, Covid Part Deux, Just In Time For The Erection Season… Feral Irishman


 • Friday Funnies: Dumb and Dumber Robert W Malone
 • Darkness Is A Cruel Ally TL Davis
 • The Week in Pictures: Context Edition Power Line

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