Thursday, December 07, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: FBI Whistleblower Says U.S. Gov’t Sees Americans as ‘Primary Enemy’

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 • FBI Whistleblower Says U.S. Gov’t Sees Americans as ‘Primary Enemy’ PJM
 • Wray Misdirects Congress Over FBI’s Burying Of Credible Biden Bribery Report Margot Cleveland
 • The Democrats’ shocking failure to condemn bigotry Robert Zimmerman
 • How Were the Universities Lost? Victor Davis Hanson
 • Harvard Backpedals After Disastrous Congressional Testimony Ed Morrissey
 • What Was Behind McCarthy's Resignation? Jazz Shaw
 • AZ sheriff claims illegal border crossers given free plane tickets, cell phones and $5000 WDBO
 • Who Gets Fined $500 For Burning Down a Restaurant? Outkick
 • Of Course: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Wants Crypto Currency Banned in USA CTH


 • First They Came For Your Car… Power Line
 • Oil Wars Beege
 • Biden administration announces $4.8 billion in student loan forgiveness for 80K borrowers NYDN

Scandal Central

 • The FBI Conducts Domestic Violent Extremism Investigations on “Traditional Catholics” Robert W Malone
 • The ‘Haunting Similarities’ Between Covid and a New Chinese Outbreak Free Press
 • Common Law Judgments, Common Sense Justices Adam White


 • State Of Texas Joins The Federalist, Daily Wire In Suing The Federal Censorship-Industrial Complex Federalist
 • How Democrats And Their Media Allies Plan To Assassinate Trump’s Presidency, Again Eddie Scarry
 • Cohen slams US college heads’ failure to condemn calls for genocide JNS


 • Dear Arabs and Muslims Moises Zack
 • John Kirby: Biden Is Utterly Incompetent David Strom
 • Israel: UN chief’s tenure ‘danger to world peace’ JNS


 • 'I is for Intifada': Oakland Teachers' Union Hold's Pro-Palestinian 'Teach-In' John Sexton
 • Police Can Spy on Your iOS and Android Push Notifications WIRED
 • Researchers Studying the Quantum Realm Observe Alice in Wonderland-Style Mirror Universe for First Time The Debrief


 • Officials Reveal New Details About the Bizarre D.C. Area House Explosion PJM
 • Everybody Knows Flo From Progressive. Who Is Stephanie Courtney? NYT
 • Brain Worms, Mondegreens and ‘The Hook’ MOTUS

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