Sunday, December 03, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Why Our Legal System is Collapsing

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 • Why Our Legal System is Collapsing Armstrong
 • Jan. 6 Committee Tapes Have Disappeared, Says House Republican ZH
 • Did the corrupt J6 committee destroy evidence of its own proceedings? Andrea Widburg
 • Pro-Terrorist Mobs Run Wild in New York City LI
 • Anti-Israel campus aggression “reminds me of the Red Guard in China” LI
 • Two Injured At Atlanta Israeli Consulate As Terror Supporter Sets Self On Fire LI
 • Jeffrey Epstein flight log subpoena request denied by Democrats in Senate Fox
 • Waves of Invasion Richard C. Lyons
 • Swing State Muslims Vow to "Abandon Biden" Next Year Jazz Shaw


 • COP Out Here are 11 slides that won't be featured at the COP28 climate confab in Dubai Robert Bryce
 • OBiden Fines TN Trucking Company $700,000 For Checking Employment Eligibility for Job Applicants CTH
 • King Charles Delivers Highly-Politicised Speech to Support Global Communist Net Zero Project Chris Morrison

Scandal Central

 • Winkin', Blinken, and Nod Clarice Feldman
 • Gender-Based Violence as a Weapon of War during the October 7 Hamas Attacks PHR
 • There Are Games Afoot In The Scheduling of Trump's Two Federal Cases Shipwrecked Crew


 • Bill Maher Agrees With Trump on Education Point, Then Panel Gloriously Blows Up 'Fine People' Myth Nick Arama
 • NY Times: Don’t Worry About the $112.1B in Shoplifting, It’s a Right-Wing Narrative Bob Hoge
 • Reporter claimed Gaza couldn't use cell phones, spokesman proves her wrong INN


 • IDF pummels Hamas in Gaza as war ramps up JNS
 • Three in police custody after German tourist fatally stabbed in Paris in suspected terrorist attack EuroNews
 • IDF: 800 tunnel shafts found in Gaza, 500 destroyed INN


 • Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference "Literally Frozen On Runway" ZH
 • Former state economist alleges pressure to lie about carbon auction effect on gas prices Brett Davis
 • Snowy Open Thread: Expiring Unwanted Expensive Covid Vaccine Edition eugyppius


 • America's Energy Dominance Opportunity Breitbart
 • Sunday Strip: Cacafornia here I come. Robert W Malone
 • Memes Emptied From The Inbox Fodder Files.... Share away.... Feral Irishman


Anonymous said...

Neither the government, its minions, the Coercive Organs of State Power, nor those connected to them by blood, money, ideology, nor sexual favors [regardless of party] are subject to the law and its restrictions. It will get really interesting when the mass of the population fully absorbs this fact and decide that they are not either.

It feels like the end of a dynasty in the Old Country.

commoncents said...

'Two Words... Tucker Carlson' - Greg Gutfeld slams power of special interest groups - Video