Saturday, December 23, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrats Have Left the Southern Border In Chaos, and It's Going to Cost the U.S. Billions

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 • Democrats Have Left the Southern Border In Chaos, and It's Going to Cost the U.S. Billions Joe Cunningham
 • CBP pleads for aid as more than 242,000 people arrive at southern border in November JTN
 • Unbelievable: TSA Accepting Arrest Warrants as ID for Illegal Immigrants Lincoln Brown
 • Is This It? Motus Mentis
 • Who Is Actually Running Biden's Potemkin Presidency? Mark Tapscott
 • Swalwell and The PoonFang Dossier Lloyd Billingsley
 • Colorado Ruling Makes Trump a Frontrunner Matt Taibbi
 • Biden making Trump the ‘Nelson Mandela of America’: Pollster Paul Bedard
 • Jack Smith dealt blow by Supreme Court in Trump case Examiner


 • One Year After Winter Storm Elliot, Our Grid Problem Remains Dire Salena Zito
 • Americans Vote Red With Their Feet John Hinderaker
 • Gay Shambolism and Obama Scott Johnson

Scandal Central

 • NBC: Joe Biden Emailed Hunter's Business 'Associate' 54 Times As VP Ed Morrissey
 • With Help From DOJ, Lesley Wolf Dodged GOP Questions About Her Obstruction Of Biden Probe Jordan Boyd
 • Inquiries on Hunter Biden and FISA Surveillance Meet With Biden Admin Obstruction Colin Aamot
 • If Rumors About Who's Running the Show Are True, It'll Be a Very Houthi Christmas Beege
 • Biden is a Potemkin Puppet Instapundit
 • So, That's Why Police Never Confronted Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card Matt Vespa


 • The Press Has Lost Its Mind, Experts Say Seth Mandel
 • Here Are The Lessons The Obamas Don’t Want You Taking Away From ‘Leave The World Behind’ Federalist
 • You're Going to Need a Cigarette After Douglas Murray's Epic Takedown of Cenk Uygur RS


 • Miracle in Hell: The Baby Twins Who Survived a Massacre Bari Weiss
 • ‘Standard delusional inversion,’ experts say of responses from UN’s Francesca Albanese to JNS JNS
 • More than 300 people arrested in Turkey for alleged ISIS links EuroNews


 • Biden’s New Medicine Rules Have Pharmaceutical Companies Slow-Walking New Therapies DC
 • Misinformation for thee, not me? FDA had similar concerns as COVID vaccine skeptics, docs suggest JTN
 • Federal Judge Sides With Osage Nation, Orders Removal Of 84 Wind Turbines Robert Bryce


 • After Reconstruction, Now Deconstruction Motus Mentis
 • Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism Rabbi Dunner
 • It had to be emptied The Feral Irishman

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