Friday, December 08, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: DC Threatens to Send Our Children to Ukraine as Strangers Flood Our Border

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 • DC Threatens to Send Our Children to Ukraine as Strangers Flood Our Border M Dowling
 • When Public Distrust of the FBI Comes Home to Roost John Green
 • Suspect In Six Murders Out On Bail Thanks To Soros-Backed Democrat Group BattleSwarm
 • We Aren’t Prepared For The Hell Democrats Will Put America Through In 2024 Federalist
 • 'Critically Conscious' Instruction Radicalizing Kids NewsMax
 • Obama Pal and CAIR Co-Founder: Gazans' 10/7 Attack Made Me Happy Ed Morrissey
 • Unvetted People, Many from Africa, As Far As the Eye Could See M Dowling
 • The time has come to hold Mayorkas accountable William Davis
 • A Nefarious Intent – FISA 702 Authorization Will Be Extended Through April 19th CTH


 • Ukraine has no path to victory, yet Congress is about to send $60 billion more taxpayer dollars to Zelensky Dossier
 • Washington State Economist Refused to Lie, So They Forced Him Out David Strom
 • Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer The Pomp Letter

Scandal Central

 • Trump Touts Expert Report Finding ‘No Evidence Of Fraud’ In NY Case Federalist
 • The FBI Stole Millions From Individuals Who Were Not Charged With a Crime - the Victims Are Suing Jeff Charles
 • A socialist dictatorship on America's doorstep is sitting on the world's biggest oil reserves Daily Mail


 • Brave Elderly Palestinian Woman Tells Al Jazeera Exactly Where the Aid Goes—Straight to the Hamas Tunnels Bob Hoge
 • Media Melt Down At Trump Ally Kash Patel’s Suggestion They Be Held Accountable For Russia Hoax Federalist
 • RNC Lets CNN Control GOP Presidential Primary Debates – Not Satire M Dowling


 • The Battlefield Is Now Set in Gaza Seth Mandel
 • Why Aren't We Attacking the Houthis? (Answer: Obama Loves Iran) Jazz Shaw
 • Hamas Terrorists Surrender en Masse, and the Photos and Videos Are Telling RS


 • COP28 Comedy Earick Ward
 • One in four who had Moderna or Pfizer Covid jabs experienced unintended immune response Telegraph
 • Climate Crowd Coming for Cooling Appliances Armstrong


 • Hunter Biden Charged With 9 Federal Charges in New Tax Evasion Case, Venue California CTH
 • I did not know that. View from the Porch
 • Let's Lighten It Up With Funderwhoopee Friday ~ AM Woodsterman


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Brave elderly Gazan woman accuses Hamas of stealing aid in rare criticism - Video