Friday, December 01, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Elon Musk is One of Us

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 • Elon Musk is One of Us Washington Free Beacon
 • FBI Hiding the Ball on Communications With Twitter David Strom
 • New York “Appeals Court” Issues Gag Order on Trump Without Any Explanation CTH
 • Obama proxy Blinken still trying to destroy Israel and the Jews The Right Scoop
 • Blinken to Israelis: 'I Don't Think You Have the Credit' to Fight Hamas to Finish Ed Morrissey
 • Don’t Accept Terrorism as the New Normal Daniel Greenfield
 • Testimony before Congress shows 1984 is here, and Obama started it Andrea Widburg
 • Texas AG Sues Pfizer For ‘Conspiring To Censor’ COVID-19 Vaccine Critics DC
 • Graham Advises Abbott to Send "Thousands of Illegal Immigrants" to Ten States Karen Townsend


 • It's On: Peltz Launches Proxy War at Disney Ace
 • Time To Boycott Elon's Boycotters ZH
 • The Floor is Falling Out From Under Biden’s Ukraine Policy Fred Fleitz

Scandal Central

 • Judiciary Dems Force Through Subpoenas by Breaking Senate Rules, Refusing to Allow Republicans to Speak NRO
 • The Federal Government Paid Media Outlets To Promote The Covid Vaccine Ray Arora
 • 94-Year-Old Veteran Struggles After Being Booted Out of Nursing Home, Replaced by Migrants: 'It's Not Fair' TFP


 • Annals of Strategery Power Line
 • ‘Jeopardy!’ host Mayim Bialik asks where ‘progressive feminists’ are over silence on Hamas Oct. 7 rapes Allie Griffin
 • ‘Ultimately, we are alone’: Schumer calls out antisemitism on the left in a speech on the Senate floor JTA


 • Released hostage says he was held by UNRWA teacher in Gaza JPost
 • Hamas claims Jerusalem shooting attack that kills 3 as Gaza truce is narrowly extended JTA
 • Argentina’s president-elect, Javier Milei, visits Lubavitcher rabbi’s grave to offer thanks for his surprise victory JTA


 • Breaking: Paxton Sues Pfizer BattleSwarm
 • Modified mRNA Vaccines for Livestock and Cattle Robert W Malone
 • My $500,000,000 Mars Rover Mistake: A Failure Story Chris Lewicki


 • Free Speech Is Dead In Ireland: Will the 1st Amendment survive in tact in America? Feral Irishman
 • What a waste of time and oxygen... The View From Lady Lake
 • Another Funderwhoopee Friday ~ A Woodsterman

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