Monday, December 04, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrat Jayapal Equivocates on Hamas Rapes: ‘We Have to Be Balanced’

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 • Democrat Jayapal Equivocates on Hamas Rapes: ‘We Have to Be Balanced’ Joel B. Pollak
 • We Live In a Police State: Actor Arrested at Airport for Parading on J6 M Dowling
 • Fulton County judge gives $500 fine, no jail for BLM rioters who torched Atlanta Wendy’s PM
 • Why They Don’t Condemn Hamas Kathleen Hayes
 • Maine Town Removed Star of David From Holiday Display--Called "Offensive" Karen Townsend
 • Graham Rips Israel Critics: ‘Too Many People Dying In WWII After Pearl Harbor?’ DW
 • 40 Day Countdown CTH
 • Abbott Announces Sweeping Border Measures, TX Officers Can Arrest Illegal Aliens TPN
 • Columbia Law School Dean Resigns Jazz Shaw


 • Disney Decided to Boycott X, Then a New Report Completely Exposed the Company RS
 • Gold Spikes To Record High Over $2,130, Bitcoin Soars Above $40,000 As Market Calls Powell's Bluff ZH
 • US Joins New Climate Pact to Shut Down All Coal Plants ET

Scandal Central

 • UN and Hamas: Partners in Crime Robert Williams
 • The video that could unravel the January 6 Committee's conclusions Amil Imani
 • Iran's Regime Soon to Have Nuclear Bombs; Hezbollah Is Next Majid Rafizadeh


 • Liberals decry the ideological divide on marriage – and blame conservatives John Ruberry
 • Speculation about Michelle Obama Replacing Biden in 2024 Gets a Shot in the Arm* GraniteGrok
 • Swing-state Muslims Gather in Michigan to ‘#AbandonBiden’ over Israel Breitbart


 • Israel Expands Ground Operations To Whole Of Gaza, Seeking "Total Victory" ZH
 • Pentagon Confirms US Warship, Commercial Ships Under Attack In Red Sea ZH
 • IDF hits 200 Hamas terror targets as Gaza ground op expands JNS


 • Moderna Employs Former FBI Analyst, AI To Secretly Police COVID 'Vaccine Misinformation' ZH
 • Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels Guardian
 • EPA: Few Stations Show Increase in Hot Days CO2 Coalition


 • Pfizer Knew the Vax Was Poison? Gates of Vienna
 • Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Unsung Hero of COVID-19 David Strom
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom

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