Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: DC’s 100% Jury Conviction Records for Republicans About to Be Unleashed on Trump

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 • DC’s 100% Jury Conviction Records for GOP About to Be Unleashed on Trump Julie Kelly
 • Will It Be Riot Season Again in 2024? Christopher F. Rufo
 • Gavin Newsom Bends a Knee to the Pro-Hamas Rage Mob Jennifer Van Laar
 • Federal Agents: We’re ‘Babysitting’ Illegal Immigrants Instead Of Stopping Criminals DC
 • Resolution against Jew-killing splits Democratic caucus Insider
 • Israel shows footage of Hamas killings to counter Democrats’ ‘denial of atrocities’ Guardian
 • Saving America Starts with Rejecting Digital Currency Scott S. Powell
 • Our Institutions Have Betrayed Our Trust Jack Gleason
 • Challenging an election and asking for an audit is not "attacking democracy” Kyle Becker on X


 • Required Reading: Europe's Leading Car Rental Agency Dumps EVs Blackmon
 • 'In Case of Grid Meltdown, Break Glass': Britain Now Issuing Supply List Beege
 • You’ve Cost the ESG Movement Trillions and Congratulations Are in Order Brandon Morse

Scandal Central

 • Bombshell: Jim Jordan Claims Fulton County DA Fani Willis Colluded With J6 Committee to Indict Trump Jeff Charles
 • "Information Warfare" Comes Home Matt Taibbi
 • Sen. Durbin Reveals the Plan for the Permanent Electoral Majority M Dowling
 • House Committee Reveals Biden Corresponded With Hunter Biz Partner 327 Times Bob Hoge
 • CEO Rumble and CEO Truth Social Discuss How They Protect the Liberty Flame of Free Speech CTH
 • Reforming Private Sector Unions Edward Ring


 • Trump Campaign Hits Back Against 'Dictator' Hit-Piece In WaPo, Gaetz Says 'Green-Lighting Assassination' ZH
 • Democrat Briahna Joy Gray Demands More Evidence Israeli Women Were Raped on 10/7 John Sexton
 • Texas, The Federalist, and The Daily Wire File Lawsuit Against U.S. State Department Twitchy


 • Israeli Hostages Given Tranquilizers to 'Look Happy' As They Were Released by Hamas Karen Townsend
 • Flush the Tunnels with the Sea: Israel to Flood the Gaza Tunnels John Sexton
 • Chinese Feeling Their Oats on Two Thomas Shoals Again Beege


 • California Public Utilities Commission Says Cruise Withheld Information After Deadly Crash John Sexton
 • Elise Takes the President of Harvard to the Woodshed Diogenes
 • Politico: It's Been Two Years and Biden Has Yet to Install a Single Electric Vehicle Charger Twitchy


 • White House Advises Jews To Protect Themselves From Violence By Not Being Jewish Bee
 • Lady Ballers: An Honest Review David Strom
 • ♫♪♫ I Took My Troubles Down To Madame Ruth....♫♪♫ Feral Irishman


Anonymous said...

Attn Mike Lee, spare us the theatrics. Christopher Wray could've stood up, unzipped and pissed all over the table (and maybe a couple of reporters) laughed in your faces and walked out and you still wouldn't do anything. You're all full of shit.

btw, when's the groundbreaking ceremony for the new FBI headquarters happening?

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