Saturday, December 02, 2023

Top 20 Tweets Tonight: Content Warnings Aplenty

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Content Warning - 10/7 Massacre

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Noa Magid's film of the Oct. 7 massacre there is but one solution: To raze Gaza to the ground, every building, every fixture, everything, and flatten the land into a sandy wasteland and push every Gazan into the Sinai. Israel must never allow a single Fakestinian to ever set foot in Israel, for no reason whatsoever - surely not for "humanitarian" reasons. Provide them with nothing. These monsters of the death cult deserve nothing.

Second thing: There must be a legal provision like the US 2nd Amendment of the Constitution where every citizen has the right to bear arms.

Anonymous said...

I remember all those peaceful anti war demonstrations. They were the models for the NLM and Antifa peaceful demonstrations we recently saw, Who can ever forget the peaceful peaceful demonstrations at the 68 Democratic Convention or the commies giving bags of cash to the Chicago 8? Some things never change.

cfs said...

And the 2024 Democratic convention is in Chicago again next year. Should be fun!......My advice?.....stay away! As a matter of fact, staying away from Chicago should be a rule for every day.