Monday, December 11, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: “We Can’t Control the Numbers Coming In, They’re Committing Crimes”

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 • “We Can’t Control the Numbers Coming In, They’re Committing Crimes” M Dowling
 • President Biden just pledged to shut down 60% of America’s electric power Stephen Moore
 • IRS Expansion Led To 53% Increase In Prosecutions: Report ZH
 • South American Gangs Breaking Into Mansions in Detroit Suburbs M Dowling
 • Chicago Mayor's Latest Plan to Stop Migrants is... Not Good Jazz Shaw
 • Hotel Reservations for Army-Navy Game Canceled to House Migrants M Dowling
 • The Son-Of-A-Gun-Number-One-Son Might Just Toss Pops Under the Bus Roger Kimball
 • Democrats Are Right to Be Scared of Trump’s Vengeance Kurt Schlichter
 • The Real Dictators Allen West


 • Our Three Blind Mice, Victor Davis Hanson, X
 • U.N. Climate Scientists Want Your Government To Answer To Them Instead Of You Federalist
 • The Ivy League, Wall St donors and the furore over antisemitism on campus Joshua Chaffin, FT

Scandal Central

 • The Identities in the Biden Indictment Marco Polo
 • Undercover Video Exposes Pornhub’s Child-Grooming Strategy Ben Bartee
 • The Gutted Gag Order Julie Kelly [$]


 • CBS Encourages People to Contribute to Terrorists David Strom
 • Chris Rufo Breaks Plagiarism Bombshell on Harvard Prez Hot Air
 • ProPublica Communists Plot Another Clarence Thomas Hit Piece Based On Recycled, Settled Claims Federalist


 • US Fighter Jet Crashes Off South Korea DC
 • Israeli Hostage Rescue Attempt Ends in Failure Rick Moran
 • London: Teenage girls arrested after Jewish woman violently assaulted and robbed Guardian


 • The Senate Is Considering An AI Bill That Could Radically Alter The Future Of The Internet DC
 • FDA System Unable To Identify Risk Of Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccination: Agency ZH
 • Pentagon’s mysterious X-37B unmanned space drone set to launch again Melissa Koenig


 • This is Why the 2024 Election Will Never Be Accepted Armstrong
 • When Will It Stop? Welfare Mom Clocks the Clerk M Dowling
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom


Average Joe Bro said...

Maybe they can just fire the president of Harvard for actually being Mr. Six, (the old man from the Great Adventure commercial) in black face.......

commoncents said...

BREAKING - Dozens of alleged Hamas fighters lay down their weapons and surrender to the IDF in Gaza

Anonymous said...

Think about what "-ish" means. Is it the genuine article, or merely a facsimile?

Maybe that will clarify certain things...